Welcome to Ringside News’ coverage of WWE Fastlane 2018, the final PPV on the road to WrestleMania!

One year ago at Fastlane 2017, the WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens, stepped into the ring against Goldberg and lost in just over a minute. Tonight Owens faces even greater odds as he is one of only six men facing off in a six-pack challenge, hoping to enter WrestleMania as WWE Champion. Owens best friend and partner Sami Zayn pinned him on Tuesday night, which leads us to believe there may be dissension between the two. The current Champion, AJ Styles, stands a good chance of losing his title tonight, but the Phenomenal One is aiming to retain his title and have a huge showdown with Shinsuke Nakamura at WrestleMania. John Cena on the other-hand, is still looking for a route to WrestleMania because right now he claims he won’t even be on the show. There are a lot of great stories heading into tonight’s main event, let us know who you think is going to win!

The Uso’s will defend their WWE Tag Team Championship’s against The New Day on tonight’s show, in a renewed rivalry. The Uso’s have beaten every team on the SmackDown roster, and locked them in the Uso Penitentiary. That list includes The New Day but the trio have returned for second helpings and they think they can best the twins. These two teams are incredible and always have barn-burner matches, so I expect a heck of a show, however the feud has been done to death. The Bar finds itself in a similar situation to The Uso’s, with having cleared out the entire division, so I’d rather see them face each, or bring two random teams to face them like The Author’s of Pain, and The Hardy Boyz – or in an ideal world, The Young Bucks. Regardless, this is likely to be match of the night.

Also on tonight’s show, Bobby Roode will defend his United States Championship against Randy Orton, and Charlotte will defend her Women’s Championship against Ruby Riott. These two Championship matches feel merely like placeholders until we get the proper matches at WrestleMania, whether that’s Asuka Vs. Charlotte, and a Triple Threat for the US Title with Jinder Mahal. I don’t expect the titles to change hands tonight, so these matches are a little uninteresting.

Other matches at Fastlane tonight include Rusev Vs. Shinsuke Nakamura, and Becky Lynch & Naomi Vs. Natalya & Carmella. Fastlane starts with a pre-show at 7PM, so join in the conversation on the Ringside Talk app and enjoy the show.

Kick-Off Show

The Fastlane kick-off show comes to us from Columbus, Ohio, and begins with the panel of Renee Young, Sam Roberts, Booker T, and David Otunga. Sam says the WWE Universe is talking about this show because every SmackDown title is on the line and once it ends, we have a picture of what WrestleMania looks like.

The panel runs down tonight’s card before sending us backstage to Charly Caruso, who says there was an uncomfortable tension in catering earlier tonight. One man who is in a great mood today though, is Sami Zayn, who can’t wait for the match and says momentum is on his side. Charly says she didn’t see Kevin Owens around. However, she did see John Cena, who was very focused and looking to earn a spot at WrestleMania. And finally, she saw Dolph Ziggler, who wouldn’t answer any questions because he will do so in the Social Media Lounge later tonight.

We return to the panel, who start to discuss the SmackDown Women’s Championship feud betwenen Ruby Riott and Charlotte, and we get a video package for the show. Renee asks if Ruby has bitten off more than she can chew with Charlotte, to which Otunga says he doesn’t think so because Ruby has been a force since she appeared on SmackDown, and she hasn’t shown any nerves. Booker T says that Charlotte hasn’t been handed anything in her career, she has earned everything. Sam Roberts says both women have something to prove, with Charlotte constantly having to defend her name, and Ruby wanting to prove she belongs. The entire panel thinks Charlotte will take the win!

We return from a break to get a quick discussion about Nakamura and Rusev. We see a video of Nakamura accepting Rusev’s challenge for a match tonight. Otunga questions if Nakamura is more focused on WrestleMania, and might overlook Rusev, which could prove costly. Moving on, they show a selfie-promo from Baron Corbin, who talks about winning the six-pack challenge. The panel briefly discuss the match itself and Booker says he thinks Corbin could win, to which Sam says Corbin needs the win more than anyone else.

The panel move on to the WWE Tag Team Championship feud between The Uso’s and The New Day and we get a video package. Roberts says this could be a show-stealer tonight, and that this match is the best tag match WWE has to offer. Renee says some people think The New Day has gotten stale but she thinks that won’t be the case tonight. She says The New Day showed a new side on Tuesday night and maybe we’ll get a more serious New Day. We head backstage to Charly Caruso and The New Day, who’re dancing and holding a giant plate of pancakes – so maybe not serious. She asks what they have to say in regard to The Uso’s claim that they are getting stale, to which Big E says no act in WWE embodies the E more than they do. E says they bring all of the kids to the shows, with Unicorn horns on their heads, and have a good time. Kofi says they’ve been relevant since Day One, whereas The Uso’s took almost a decade to get to where they are. Woods says New Day chose to be family, they chose to take the world by storm, they chose to put the tag division back on the map, and they will choose to become five-time tag Champs tonight. They give Charly a pancake and walk off.

We return to the panel, with only 30 minutes until the main card kicks-off, and we move to a discussion of the United States Championship Match. After the video package, Renee asks how important it is for Randy to secure the U.S title and become a Grand Slam Champion, to which Booker says he doesn’t think Booker is losing any sleep over the U.S title but that it would look good over the mantle. Just then, Jinder Mahal and one of the Singh Brothers interrupts. Jinder says he wasn’t even in that package, and yet for the last month he has stood tall over both Randy Orton and Bobby Roode. Mahal rants about being the true Champion and how he is disrespected by the people and by SmackDown management.

We head backstage to Dolph Ziggler for some Twitter questions. Renee asks Dolph how he is feeling, and he says like a million bucks. Ziggler says he has waited his whole life for an opportunity to headline WrestleMania and this is his shot, and he doesn’t plan on failing. Ziggler says he stopped caring about the WWE Universe a long time ago and started looking out for himself, and the reason he abandoned the WWE U.S Title is because he has bigger fish to fry. Booker asks if his best years are behind him and Dolph gets fired-up and says he has never gotten injured in 13 years, and he is is there full-time, not just in the big towns or part-time, he is there every night, better than everyone, and he has deserved a WrestleMania spotlight. He reiterates that he is the very best but this might be his last chance to win the big one, every night could be his last, and he fights like that.

We head down to ringside for a match!

Breezango & Tye Dillinger Vs. Mojo Rawley, Benjamin & Gable

The match begins with Gable and Breeze. Gable grabs Tyler and slams him when he charges in, leading to Fandango tagging in. Dango turns to Dillinger, who hands him a set of amateur wrestling style headgear and he puts it on! The fans laugh but Gable grabs him with a rear takedown. Dango takes the headgear off and tags Breeze right back in. Chad gets on all fours and offers Tyler the back advantage, Breeze looks around before getting on him and riding him like a pony for a big laugh. Gable gets angry and starts wrestling Breeze but eats a big dropkick. Benjamin runs in and one for Shelton, followed by Rawley, and it’s dropkicks all around as the heels retreat from the ring.

Gable sidesteps a charge, monkey flip sends Breeze flying and we take a break for a short break. Back to the action, Benjamin is legal, arm drag into knee drops to the arm into a kneeling armbar with a chinlock added in, Breeze breaks away, right hands but Shelton blocks the tag with Divorce Court for two. Tag to Gable who applies a wristlock and hits some knees and earns a two count. Keylock applied by Gable, Tyler’s able to shift out of it so Gable changes it up, belly-to-belly suplex and Fandango breaks it up!

Tag to Rawley, straight left hands, headbutt, Mojo with a double leg to the corner trying to isolate him but he’s able to break out and get the hot tag to Tye! In like a freight train, charging chop, big lariat, the Perfect 10 takes his knee pad down but Shelton Benjamin makes the save! Dango with a dropkick but Chad is able to block a superkick and get the O’Connor roll for a nearfall! Rolling Koppo kick, tag to Shelton, up for the powerbomb but Dillinger fights out! Beauty Shot from Breeze, Benjamin to the apron, Rawley trying for a quick pin, no good! Dillinger’s superkick connects and then he finishes the match with the single-knee Codebreaker!

Winners: Breezango & Tye Dillinger

We return to the panel for one final discussion of the main event, the six-pack challenge. All three panellists think a different man will win, including John Cena, Baron Corbin, and AJ Styles. They talk about the importance of winning this match for each competitor before closing out the kick-off show.

Fastlane 2018 kicks-off with a video package, followed by Shinsuke Nakamura making his way to the ring in Columbus Ohio. Big reception for Nakamura but it’s also a big reception for Aiden English as he steps out on stage. English does a rap about Rusev beating Nakamura and going on to WrestleMania. The fans chant along to Rusev Day, then out comes the man himself.

Shinsuke Nakamura Vs. Rusev W/Aiden English

Nakamura goes for a takedown early and Rusev gets a waistlock into a hip toss. Nakamura attempts a big kick to the head. Rusev dodges it, but Nakamura with a snapmare and drops a leg. Rusev with a big right that drops Nakamura. Rusev bails when Nakamura avoids a kick, Nakamure taunts him to come back in. Rusev gets back in, but bails again and English is by his side.

This time Nakamura jumps out, throws knees and then drops a leg over the neck of Rusev, who hands over the ring apron. Rusev catches Nakamura on his way back in. Rusev kicks Nakamura out and tosses him into the ring barricade. Rusev tosses Nakamura back first into the side of the ring and the barricade. Back inside, Nakamura gets a heel hook applied on Rusev. Rusev gets to the ropes to break it up. Rusev plants Nakamura when Nakamura charges. Rusev drops elbows over Nakamura and gets him in a headlock to slow down the action. Rusev with big knees. Nakamura drops Rusev with a kick coming off the ropes. Nakamura with big kicks to the chest of Rusev and follows with a big kick to the head. Nakamura props Rusev up in the corner and throws his high knee. Nakamura with knees to Rusev in the middle of the ring. Rusev catches Shinsuke with a fallaway slam to counter guillotine choke attempt by Nakamura. Rusev with a big knee to Nakamura.

The Brute is in control until Nakamura throws some wild elbows. Rusev responds with some kicks but Nakamura catches him with an axe kick. Rusev looks to finish things with a roll-up but Nakamura kicks out. Rusev goes for The Accolade but Nakamura counters with a roll up for a two count. Nakamura catches Rusev with a spin kick. Rusev with a huge superkick and Nakamura kicks out. Rusev can’t believe it. Nakamura counters an Accolade and hits a knee to the back of Rusev’s head. Rusev is trying to recover and his up on one knee. Nakamura powers-up in the corner, then runs and connects with the Kinshasa for the win!

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura

Nakamura celebrates after the match. He is headed to WrestleMania with some much-needed momentum, where he will face the winner of tonight’s main event.

We get a video package for Bobby Roode’s feud with Randy Orton, who wants to win the one Championship that has evaded him thus far. Orton comes to the ring first to a great reception.

United States Championship Match

(C) Bobby Roode Vs. Randy Orton

Both men get ring introductions before their first-ever match-up. The bell rings and they lock-up. Roode takes the back of Orton but then Randy takes Bobby’s back and we have a game of wrestling chess. Roode takes Orton to one knee with a wrist-lock but Orton counters with a drop-toe hold and both men separate and walk around the ring.

Roode shoots Orton to the ropes and eats a shoulder tackle. Orton hits the ropes, then Roode hits a shoulder tackle of his own. After a minute of headlock, Roode hits another shoulder tackle, then taunts Orton with a “Glorious” pose. Orton responds with a leapfrog and a dropkick, then a little pose of his own. Orton headlocks Roode, who forces him to the corner. Orton connects with a European uppercut but Roode responds with a huge chop to the chest. Orton then ducks Roode and grabs him for an RKO but Roode shrugs him off and bails from the ring.

Back inside, the two exchange some holds again and Roode chops Randy again. Roode grabs Orton for a Glorious DDT but Orton throws him off and slides from the ring to regroup. Emphasising the finishers here and I like it. Back in the ring, Orton forces Roode to the ropes with a lock-up, then drapes him over the top rope with a  suplex. Orton stomps on Bobby’s sternum, then beats on him in the corner. Roode bursts out of the corner with a clothesline for a mere one-count. Roode stomps on Orton’s hand, then lands a knee drop over the head for a two-count.

Roode applies a rear-chinlock to ground Orton. The Viper tries to fight out but gets taken back down. Orton gets to his feet again and punches Roode’s gut to create some separation. Roode grabs Orton and looks for a suplex but it gets reversed into one by Randy. Orton blocks a punch and lands some straight rights but then Roode hits a flurry of offense and takes to the top rope, where he hits a flying clothesline. Roode poses behind Orton, preparing for the DDT, but Orton counters with a roll-up to no avail. Orton hits a few clotheslines, then a snap powerslam, and looks for the draping DDT but Roode reverses and tosses Orton over the ropes.

Roode hits a blockbuster to Orton from the middle rope for a near-fall. Orton catches Roode on the apron and lands the draping DDT, then readies himself for the RKO. Roode counters the RKO and looks for the Glorious DDT but Orton reverses and Roode knocks Orton from the ring. Roode goes out after Randy but gets whipped into the barricade, then back-dropped onto it. Orton tosses Roode back into the ring and earns a near-fall. Orton sets Roode on the top turnbuckle, punches him, then looks for the superplex but Roode punches him multiple times, and flips over to powerbomb Orton and get a near-fall. Roode takes to the top rope but Orton meets him there and this time he lands the superplex and earns a near-fall.

Both men exchanging blows in the centre of the ring, then Roode catches Orton with a roll-up for a near-fall. Roode looks for the Glorious DDT, reversed into an RKO attempt but Roode shoves him into the ropes and lands a nice spinebuster. Roode leaps from the middle rope but gets caught with an RKO and that’s all she wrote!

Winner and New United States Champion: Randy Orton

Orton celebrates with his new title after the match but it doesn’t last long as here comes Jinder Mahal. Orton watches as Mahal stomps to the ring, and attacks him. Bobby Roode re-appears and saves Orton by hitting Mahal with a Glorious DDT. Roode then grabs Orton and hits him with it too! Roode leaves the ring looked pissed and staring back at the WrestleMania sign.

We get a lengthy look at the debut of Ronda Rousey and how things have gone for her so far.

Backstage, Sami Zayn walks in to talk with Kevin Owens. Owens brings up Zayn kicking him in the face last Tuesday night and winning the match. He questions Zayn saying he would lay down for him tonight. Zayn said that was last week and tonight will be entirely different. He says Owens can count on him. Owens doesn’t believe him.

Naomi & Becky Lynch vs. Carmella & Natalya

We start with Becky Lynch and Carmella. Becky with a roll up early for a two count. Becky goes for an armbar and Carmella gets to the ropes to break it up. Natalya tags herself in and hits a snap suplex on Becky. Becky with a knee and tags in Naomi.

Double snapmare and kicks to Natalya from Lynch. Naomi with a sliding slap to the face of Natayla. Naomi with a head scissors takedown on Natalya and modified stunner. Naomi kicks Carmella off the apron, but Natalya slides under Naomi and connects with a sitdown powerbomb for a close two. Tag to Carmella who double teams Naomi in the corner. Carmella with kicks to Naomi and then connects with a quick Bronco Buster. Tag to Natalya who snapmares Naomi and keeps her grounded with a headlock.

Tag back to Carmella who locks her legs around the neck of Naomi and falls back against the ropes applying a submission. Carmella pulls on the hair of Naomi against the ropes. Carmella with big forearms to Naomi over the ring apron. Hot tag to Becky who takes out Natalya. Becky with an exploder to Natalya. Becky with a missile dropkick to Natalya, but Carmella gets the tag. Becky with kicks to her on the way in and Carmella counters with a jawbreaker. Naomi with a kick to the head of Carmella tagging herself in.

Naomi tags in Becky and hits a kick to the face. Becky with a leg drop off the top rope over Carmella. Natalya dumps Naomi out. Becky dumps Natalya out. Becky with an elbow, boot to the face, but Carmella flips up dropping Becky with a huricanrana. Naomi breaks up the pin. Natalya has the briefcase. Becky knocks Natalya down. Carmella catches Becky with a superkick and hooks the leg to get the pinfall.

Winners: Carmella & Natalya

Carmella and Natalya retreat up the ramp after their win. Carmella gets some more momentum ahead of WrestleMania, though she may even cash-in later tonight.

We get a video to hype John Cena hosting the Nickleodeon Kids Choice Awards, featuring Kofi Kingston, Big E, and Xavier Woods getting slimed.

Next, we get a video package for the title match between The Uso’s and The New Day, which is up next! The New Day are out first and we get awful graphics over the screen of Big E’s introduction. The Champ’s are out next and they look cool af.

WWE SmackDown Live Tag Team Championships

(C) The Uso’s Vs. The New Day

The match begins with Woods and Jimmy butting heads and talking trash. They exchange shots and Jey is tagged in as Woods slides through Jimmy’s legs. Woods is then caught by a superkick and floored. The Uso’s begin stomping on Woods in the corner and mock New Day’s stampede. Saxton says New Day has opted for its speed partnership tonight as Woods and Kingston are the team.

The Uso’s are firmly in charge, beating Woods and grounding him with a rear-chinlock. Kingston is finally tagged in and he leaps off of the apron with a chop to Jey, he then takes out Jimmy on the apron before hitting a Boom Drop on Jey. Kofi claps and looks for Trouble In Paradise but gets caught in mid-air by Jey, who then lands an enziguiri. Jimmy is tagged buts gets knocked from the ring, Jey runs at Kofi, who leaps and stomps onto his chest. Jey lays in the corner and Kofi hits a running hip attack to mock The Uso’s. Jimmy returns and hits Kofi with a Samoan Drop, then mocks Kofi by hitting the Boom drop. The Uso’s then hit the Midnight Hour – New Days finisher – but Kofi kicks out!

Jey stares at Kofi in the corner, then looks for a splash but nobody’s home. Both men are down but Kofi makes the tag to Woods, who knocks Jimmy from the apron. Woods is caught with a superkick from Jey, then hits one of his own. Kofi superkicks Jimmy, then Woods hits another, then hits Jey as well. New Day then hit The Uso Splash for a near-fall. Woods takes to the top rope and Kofi takes to the opposite, thinking about hitting the double Uce, however Jimmy comes back and shoves Kofi off to the outside. He then tosses Woods out as well and the twins hit double splashes over the top rope and everyone is down.

All four men are floored and here come The Bludgeon Brothers. Harper and Rowan make their way ringside and start beating on everyone!

No Contest

Kofi gets thrown into the barricade. Woods gets kicked in the head from both men, then suplexed onto the floor. Kofi is tossed onto the floor, Big E gets bowled over by Rowan and both Uso’s are ran into each other, then powerslammed. Rowan lifts Harper and powerslams him onto Uso’s, then splashes them himself. Rowan grasb the two hammers they carry to the ring and hands one to Harper. Rowan swings at Jimmy’s head but Uso moves and he hits the steps. Harper then hits him with the mallet to knock him over the barricade. They turn to leave but stop when Woods grabs Harper’s leg. They grab him and powerbomb him hard onto the steel steps. Harper and Rowan stand over Woods before leaving.

That was a really good beatdown because it showcased Harper and Rowan as a team, rather than just throwing their foes into the barricade etc. E.M.T’s bring a stretcher down for Woods and check on the rest of the teams.

We take a look at Roman Reigns’ verbal feud with Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman, and their upcoming match at WrestleMania in New Orleans. A little weird though because during Reigns’ insults to Lesnar, they played inspirational music like it was Independence Day.

Renee Young is backstage with AJ Styles. She asks him about the odds for him winning tonight. He says this is the hardest anyone has had to work to get to WrestleMania as WWE Champion. He says he woke up with a smile today because he takes these challenges in his stride and turns these situations phenomenal. Styles is interrupted by Shinsuke Nakamura, who says he hopes AJ wins but Styles tells him to stop because he will win and at WrestleMania, Nakamura will be the one to lose.

WWE SmackDown Live Women’s Championship Match

(C) Charlotte Flair Vs. Ruby Riott

We get ring introductions for the challenger and the Champion. Right off the bat, Ruby looks to connect with the Riott Kick but Charlotte esapes. Charlotte goes for a Figure Four on Ruby but she too escapes and we’re at a stalemate early on.

Ruby uses the top rope to hit Charlotte, who responds with a fallaway slam on Ruby. Ruby dropkicks Charlotte away from the corner. Ruby applies a sleeper and Charlotte tries to fight out but can’t, so she runs and rolls through the ropes, with both women crashing to the floor. Charlotte slams Ruby into the barricade, twice, then back inside. Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan show up at ringside and tease Charlotte as she re-enters the ring. Ruby takes advantage of Charlotte with her Riott Kick but Charlotte kicks out. Ruby gets the referee to check on her eye as she tossed Charlotte from the ring. Naomi and Becky Lynch run out to prevent Logan and Morgan from attacking Charlotte.

Ruby tosses Charlotte back into the ring and throws big rights, then lands a suplex and rolls through for a second. Charlotte counter with a slingshot suplex. Riott sends the champ’s head into the middle turnbuckle and then falls back on her with a senton for a two count. Riott locks in a straight-jacket submission and leans back to add pressure. Charlotte is contorted and looks to be in agony.

The Queen eventually breaks free of the straight-jacket, only to end up being taken down with an STO to give Ruby a two count. Charlotte counters the falling senton and hits a neckbreaker to give herself some breathing room. She climbs to the top rope and Ruby pushes her off all the way down to the floor into the barricade. Flair counters a suicide dive and sends Riott into the barricade with a belly to belly suplex. The Champ climbs onto the barricade and nails a moonsault! Charlotte rolls Ruby inside and pins but Ruby kicks-out!

Ruby sets up Charlotte on the top rope and brings her down with a hurricanrana for a near-fall. Charlotte gets to her feet and starts chopping away at the chest of Riott. Ruby kicks her leg out from under her. Morgan and Logan tease Naomi and Becky who get into the ring, then the ref boots them from ringside. The Riott Squad beats on Charlotte on the apron while the ref is distracted. He ends up booting Liv and Sarah from ringside, too. Charlotte recovers and starts building momentum with a series of signature moves. Charlotte slams Ruby’s head into the top turnbuckle in a unique way. She spears Ruby hard before putting her in the Figure Eight and Ruby taps quickly.

Winner: Charlotte

As Charlotte is celebrating after the match, Asuka’s music hits and she makes her way to the ring to a huge reception. The Empress stands toe to toe with The Queen and points behind her. The crowd chants “Yes!” as Asuka points to the WrestleMania sign. The Royal Rumble winner has made her choice and will face Charlotte, which I guess means she is coming to SmackDown Live.

It’s main event time and we get a video package highlighting every man. Shane O’Mac comes out ringside but no Daniel Bryan! John Cena is out second to a mixed reaction.

WWE Championship

Six Pack Challenge Match

(C) AJ Styles Vs. JOHN CENA VS. Baron corbin vs. Dolph Ziggler Vs. Kevin Owens Vs. Sami Zayn

We get ring introductions for all six men. The bell rings and Sami Zayn runs right for John Cena, who hits him with an AA, then Owens, Corbin, Ziggler all run at Cena and get hit with Attitude Adjustments. Styles feigns running at him, then stops and the two icons have a staredown. The fans love it.

They lock-up and Cena gets a headlock but AJ shoots him off the ropes and eats a shoulder tackle. Cena connects with some big shots, then looks for an AA but Styles lands on his feet. Styles looks for the Styles Clash but Cena stands him up and throws him over the ropes and onto the apron. Cena is in the ring and suddenly, Owens, Zayn, Corbin, Styles and Ziggler appear on the apron and slowly run in and attack Cena, much to the delight of Ohio. Now that Cena is gone, the action breaks-down into multiple smaller brawls at ringside.

Zayn and Ziggler fight on one side of the ring while Corbin heads around to the other side to take out KO and AJ. He sends Owens into the barricade hard right in front of Shane. Inside the ring, Styles connects with a big forearm to Corbin and lands with a neckbreaker on Ziggler. Styles with his springboard inverted DDT on Zayn from the corner. Owens with a headbutt to Styles sitting up on the top turnbuckle. Corbin tosses Styles out and big boots Zayn. Cena takes out Corbin. Ziggler with a DDT on Cena. Owens jumps off the top rope and takes out Ziggler with a frog splash! Styles breaks up the pinfall attempt by Owens.

Styles with a Pele Kick to Owens, goes for a Styles Clash and Owens counters tossing Styles over the top rope. Corbin plants Owens with a chokeslam backbreaker. Zig Zag on Corbin. Cena with his jumping shoulder blocks and twisting powerbomb plant on Ziggler. Cena plants Zayn right next to Ziggler. Cena with double Five Knuckle Shuffle to both. Ziggler counters an AA attempt into a Fameasser for a two count! Cena gets the STF on Ziggler but Styles slides in breaking it up. Styles lift Cena and hits him with the Styles Clash on Cena! Zayn breaks up the pin.

Zayn beats on Styles. Corbin catches Zayn with a right on the ring apron. Corbin slides out/slides back in and levels Owens with a big clothesline. Corbin with a big Deep Six on Styles. Corbin launches Ziggler up in the air and Ziggler crashes with a thud. Ziggler tosses Corbin out through the ropes. Corbin tosses Ziggler over the barricade. Corbin charges and tackles Ziggler through the hockey glass! Owens is clearing off announce tables at ringside. Styles kicks Owens in the head on the announce table. Styles tackles Zayn over the barricade into the timekeeper area. Cena jumps up on the announce table with Owens and looks for an AA but Owens breaks free. Styles jumps off the barricade, Cena catches him on his shoulders and gives him an AA crashing through the other announce table!

Cena tosses Owens back into the ring. Owens with a boot to Cena and Zayn follows with a clothesline to Cena, who rolls from the ring, leaving best friends Owens and Zayn to face off. Owens is yelling at Zayn to come at him. Zayn slowly gets down on the mat and lays down for Owens. He’s going for the old Jeff Jarrett pin! Owens drops down reluctantly, but Zayn with a cradle on Owens for a two count. Owens and Zayn are brawling and Sami gets the better, forcing Owens to slide out. On the outside, Owens sends Zayn flying back first into the ring barricade. Owens looks for the Pop-Up Powerbomb to Zayn on the apron but Sami stands on the ring. Owens grabs him again and looks to powerbomb him on the apron but Zayn back body drops Owens on to the hard edge. Everyone is down!

Zayn gets in the face of Shane at ringside, shouting at him for causing this fight. Owens charges, Zayn moves and Owens superkicks Shane! Zayn takes the opportunity to fly through the ropes and hit Owens with a tornado DDT. Zayn tosses Owens back inside but Owens responds with a superkick to Zayn. Owens with a Pop Up Powerbomb to Ziggler and goes for the pin but Shane pulls the referee out of the ring! Owens can’t believe it. Shane is pointing at Owens. Owens is in the corner shouting at Shane when out of nowhere, Helluva Kick to Owens! Zayn covers Owens but Shane pulls Zayn out of the ring! Sami can’t believe it either. Ziggler covers Owens but Zayn slides in to break it up. Corbin comes back and has the steel steps and hits Cena with them at ringside. Corbin brings the steel steps in the ring and hits Zayn, Ziggler and Owens with them. Cena comes back in, takes the steps and hits Corbin with them repeatedly. Cena with an AA on Corbin over the steel steps. Ziggler breaks up the pinfall attempt. Cena has the steel steps and tries to hit Ziggler. Ziggler dodges and superkicks Cena. Cena is still up and hits an AA. Cena rolls through attempting another AA. Owens runs back in and gives Cena a Pop-Up Powerbomb but before he can pin, Styles flies off the top rope with a Phenomenal Forearm for the win!

Winner: AJ Styles

After the match AJ Styles celebrates his retain as Cena sits in the corner looking despondent. This was apparently his lack chance at getting a spot at WrestleMania. Styles holds his title high and stands atop the announce table to end the show.

That’s it for WWE Fastlane 2018. Let us know what you thought on the Ringside Talk app and remember to come back tomorrow night for Raw! Until then, safe travels!

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