The WWE has gone title crazy this week. At last night’s NXT tapings, the company announced that they were finally going to introduce a mid-card title into the mix (believe it or not, I had to change plans for this entire article because of that!) at NXT Takeover: New Orleans and rumours went around earlier in the week that the company would be adding tag team titles to the 205 Live brand. 

There is a train of thought among some fans that adding too many titles to the roster would devalue the championships, and that’s a fair point. However, with the WWE currently having such a big roster, adding a few new titles to the mix does at least allow several superstars to be used who would otherwise just get forgotten by creative.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at three other titles the WWE could introduce as their roster continues to grow, and who would be the ideal candidates to hold those belts.

International Title

Perhaps now more than ever, the WWE has a whole array of international talent at their disposal. The introduction of the UK title last year really highlighted the WWE’s desire to reach out to newer territories and bring in some of the best talents from around the globe. The introduction of a belt exclusive to those stars would be a great way of highlighting WWE’s diverse talents.  The likes of Shinsuke Nakamura, Rusev, Sheamus, Finn Balor, Drew Mcintyre and many others could compete for this belt and make it feel like a legitimate title to win within the company.

It could serve as a nice belt for the upper mid-card, and even elevate some of the younger talents within the company, especially the likes of Pete Dunne, who seems destined for big things on the main roster. The belt could also be the company’s first inter-brand belt. With the company doing away with single branded PPVs after this year’s Wrestlemania, it would provide fans with at least one inter-brand match on every show. There is, of course, the possibility of defending it around the world on various shows, but the idea of allowing their bigger superstars to compete elsewhere still feels like a million years away.

Who should Win It: Rusev

Rusev is one of the most over superstars on the WWE roster right now, and having him hold the title would be a great way to reward him for all of his recent work. He also has a great record of making belts appear legitimate, and is arguably never better than when he is rampaging through the mid-card title scene.

Six-Man Tag Team Titles

The WWE has never been shy of a stable or two, and with NJPW leading the way in that market, it is no that surprise that Vince and Co have begun building more and more stables in their product over the last year. The Balor Club, The New Day, The Miztourage, Sanity in NXT, the recent reunion of The Shield are all examples of a growing trend in the WWE, and talks of introducing a 6-man tag team title division were doing the rounds only a few months ago.

With such a crowded roster, this would be a smart move from the company- it would help use several superstars who can’t currently get a look in elsewhere, and if booked correctly, it could be a legitimately strong division within the company.

Like everything, though, if the powers that be were to commit to it, then they would need to go all in, and not just treat it as a sideshow. Stables can be a great way of building characters, and also advancing storylines. If they decided to just start throwing teams together, like they often do with the normal tag team division, then this could be an absolute car-crash.

Who Should Win It: The Club

The Club have never quite connected with the WWE audience in the way that their talents deserve. The group was a huge success in NJPW, and many fans feel that they have been deliberately sabotaged on the main roster in the WWE.

The group has an infectious likeability though, and their real-life friendships clearly play into that. The idea of The Balor Club feuding with the likes of New Day, and later down the line, The Undisupted Era is, well, too sweet.

Women’s Tag Team Titles

The women’s division in the WWE is stronger than it has ever been. Following the success of the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble, and Elimination Chamber matches, the women’s division will no doubt continue to break new ground in 2018.

As the company continues to shine a light on the female division in the WWE, they will need to figure out new ways to make women outside of the title scene more relevant. A quick look at Smackdown’s current situation highlights just how the company is failing to utilise a lot of their key performers.

A mid-card title is certainly an option that they could look at, but many fans would argue that the division may need a little more depth to really get the most out of that. Given the company’s tendency to throw together women’s tag team matches, however, a women’s tag-team championship may not be the worst idea in the world.

With both brands already having a stable each, and several other women who could easily become a team, this would make a lot of sense, especially if, like the aforementioned International Title, the titles weren’t specific to one brand. This could also effectively work as a mid-card scene, and help elevate women who need that extra little push towards the title shot.

Who Should Win It: Absolution

Of the two female stables who debuted in the WWE at the end of last year, Absolution have, thus far, fared a lot better than their Smackdown counterparts, The Riott Squad. It’s not that The Riott Squad are lacking in talent, it’s just that the group feel like a carbon copy of Absolution, and with Paige as their figurehead, Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville feel like they could go a lot further in the WWE.

Both women are also likely to break out one day and go solo as well, so having them hold these titles would be a nice way to grant them some legitimacy before they go their own separate ways.

Steve Carrier

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