Russo is joined on today’s show by his co-host, Jeff Lane.

Lane plays a clip of Dave Meltzer to open today’s show. Meltzer was trying to explain Hillbilly Jim’s induction into the WWE Hall of Fame and said, “What can I say, it’s the WWE Hall of Fame”. Meltzer went on to add that Hillbilly Jim probably won’t be on the Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame ballot anytime soon.

Russo says that at least Hillbilly Jim was entertaining and looked the part of a professional wrestler. Guys like Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez don’t appreciate that side of the business; all they care about is fake fights that continue to result in decreasing ratings. Russo says that Hillbilly Jim is the nicest guy you’d ever want to meet in the World, and Russo’s happy that he’s being inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Meltzer goes on to say that Johnny Gargano is the most over performer on WWE’s roster all of a sudden. Russo doesn’t understand Meltzer’s fascination with Johnny Gargano. Every single week we hear Meltzer go on and on about Gargano, and if Russo was Meltzer’s wife, he’d be slightly concerned for him.

Lane plays a clip of PWInsider’s Mike Johnson, who’s trying to explain why he didn’t have answers regarding the recent Tammy Sytch arrest. Johnson said he didn’t know the circumstances of the arrest, and he was reaching out to several people but nobody would return his calls. Russo simply says that if you don’t know the circumstances surrounding something like this, don’t talk about it at all.

The next clip presents Meltzer and Alvarez talking about John Cena’s promo from this past week, when he spoke about trying to break Ric Flair’s record this Sunday with his 17th World Championship win. Fans booed when Cena said that, and Meltzer says that’s because nobody wants to see Cena break that record. Meltzer adds that the record’s not accurate anyways.

Russo wonders if there are really a bunch of marks out there that will throw a tantrum if John Cena breaks that record. He also thinks it’s hilarious that Meltzer is talking about this record as if it’s a real record from a legitimate sporting event.

Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet spoke out this past week, saying he’d like to see a change in appearance for Luke Harper. He thinks that fans would “lose their minds” if Harper shaved his beard, or came out with hair like Corey Graves. Russo can’t believe that Satin and his co-hosts are sitting around on their audio show, getting that excited about the thought of Harper shaving.

A fan on Twitter this past week also asked Satin which four Superstars he’d choose from WWE’s current roster to help him rob a bank. Satin picked Titus Worldwide – Titus, Apollo, Tozawa and Dana Brooke. Lane points out that if Russo answered the question that way, Satin would have labelled him a racist for choosing two big black men and a small asian man to help him rob a bank.

Next, Lane plays a clip of Wade Keller, who’s arguing that if Paul Heyman’s goal is to get Roman Reigns over as a babyface at WrestleMania, there’s a very good chance that’s exactly what’s going to happen. Russo says Heyman can cut promos until the cows come home, he’s still not going to get Reigns over as a babyface. He adds that WWE tried to do that exact thing leading into WrestleMania a couple of years ago, and Reigns was still booed out of the building.

Russo points out that there were sexual harassment allegations made towards Jonathan Coachman this past week, and he couldn’t believe how quickly that news blew over. When Enzo Amore and Rich Swann were accused of things in the last few months, WWE were quick to wash their hands of them. In this case, WWE made a quick statement saying they did an investigation and they stand full behind Coachman in this case.

On RAW this past week Coachman took a shot at journalists, and Ryan Satin tweeted out that he was dissapointed by this because he really respected Coach for bringing wrestling content to ESPN. Lane points out that Satin is always trying to find ways to dislike someone. Russo can’t believe that Satin considers himself to be a journalist just because he covers a fake sport.

Lastly, Lane plays another clip of Wade Keller, who thought WWE did a good job with Cena and Nakamura crossing paths on Smackdown this past week. He adds that he thought Nakamura pointed at the sign better than Cena. Russo explodes into laughter and can’t believe that Keller seriously said that.

That sums up today’s episode of Vince Russo’s The Brand. You can listen to the show yourself anytime here, and I’ll catch ya tomorrow for another recap!

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