Possible Brock Lesnar & Roman Reigns RAW Spoiler

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While discussing Paul Heyman’s altercation with Roman Reigns on Monday’s RAW, Meltzer indicated that the segment was booked the way it was so that the company can get back to where they were after they made several last minute changes to last week’s show. Meltzer believes that the two will actually have to fight on next week’s show based off of how the booking was done.

“I think that they have to fight. I think they have to do something unless they do a thing were Kurt Angle has like a million security. Then they got to throw all the security around. I think it’s got to be physical. They have gone too far. Whatever the idea was, the whole angle Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar had been laid out and agreed on — you know what was going to happen. Last week it all changed obviously. They did last week and now they are trying to figure out where to go from last week and how to get back to where they were. This was the attempt to get back to where they were.”

Roman teased the possibility of getting into a fight on Monday’s show and it looks like now we may actually get it. Historically WWE normally saves these types of altercations for the go-home shows for pay-per-views but not this time around.

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