WWE Monday Night Raw Results – February 26 2018


Welcome to Monday Night Raw, less than 24 hours removed from Elimination Chamber 2018!

Last night’s PPV marked the final stop for Monday Night Raw on the Road To WrestleMania. The PPV was pretty good across the board, however the end results may have left a bad taste in people’s mouths. Roman Reigns emerged from the men’s Chamber match as the number one contender to Brock Lesnar and his Universal Championship at WrestleMania. Let’s be honest though, we all knew that would be the result and that Reigns would clash with Lesnar again. That may not be the match people want to see but it’s the one we’re going to get and Roman will win without doubt. So assign yourself to that fact now and don’t be disappointed on April 8th.

Elimination Chamber also set-up a WrestleMania match in the form of Ronda Rousey and Kurt Angle facing Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Rousey came out to sign her contract but Angle couldn’t let her do-so without letting her know that there was an ulterior motive from the McMahon’s. Ultimately, this ended in Ronda giving Triple H a belly-to-belly through a table and signing the contract, with a welt on her cheek from a signature Steph slap. It wasn’t the best segment in the world and Ronda seemed extremely unsure on the mic but I am excited to see where it goes and I hope she exceeds all of our expectations.

Asuka is heading to WrestleMania still undefeated after pinning Nia Jax at Elimination Chamber. Asuka and Jax had a decent match and Asuka scored the win with a roll-up, however Jax proceeded to tackle her through the barricade. The result was exactly what it should be and as Bubba Ray Dudley said on Twitter:

So Asuka will head into WrestleMania to face Alexa Bliss, who emerged from her Elimination Chamber match with her title reign intact. Bliss cut a promo after the match and said she was the best, then later said that “nobody is ready for Alexa”. So expect the mind-games to begin tonight between the Goddess and the Empress.

Also on tonight’s show, The Bar look for new Tag Team Title Challengers, John Cena questions his place, and is Sasha Banks a heel now? All that and more to look forward to on tonight’s show. Remember to download the Ringside Talk app and join the conversation. Enjoy the show!

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