Reason WWE Has Delayed the WrestleMania 35 Announcement


It was previously reported last month that WWE was expected to make the WrestleMania 35 announcement mid-January but that announcement never came.

During the recent installment of WWE Backstage with Brad Shepard & Jon fisher, it was revealed that the delay had to do with an issue with selecting a venue for either AXXESS, Hall of Fame, RAW or SmackDown.

“This update comes from last week. Last year’s announcement was early January. It’s obviously past that now. So they are waiting long this year and I am told it’s definitely still on for the MetLife Stadium. So, that hasn’t changed. People speculate especially when an announcement hasn’t been made but the hold up in the announcement does appear to be related to selecting a venue.”

“AXXESS was at the Izod Center for Wrestlemania 29 and that’s been shut down so it can’t be there. So they would have to find a different venue in the area and that can be a little tricky. Basically selecting a venue for AXXESS, The Hall of Fame, or RAW and SmackDown. It’s one of those shows that they are selecting a venue for that is likely the delay. I am told it has nothing to do with the actual MetLife stadium.”

You can listen to Brad Shepard & Jon Fisher discuss the delay embedded in the audio below:

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