Pro Wrestling Sheet‘s Ryan Satin confirmed our earlier suspicion of WWE emailing Sportskeeda claiming that the reason they shortened Apollo Crews’ name to “Apollo” was because the company didn’t want to be associated with the Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz.


There is a rumor floating around that WWE decided to drop “Crews” from Apollo’s name last week after developing the “Crews cant lose” catchphrase because the company not wanting any association with the Parkland, FL shooter Nikolas Cruz.

While we can’t confirm that those rumors are legitimate, it’s worth noting the same site started this rumor is the same site that said Jeff Jarrett wouldn’t go into the WWE Hall of Fame. No official statement was given in the initial report either. WWE allegedly “emailed” them and claimed that it had to do with the association of the shooting, however in the past when WWE responds to reports, a simple statement is presented. In this case there was no official statement. When we reached out to the site that started these rumors, they refused to present this “email.”

The most likely scenario as to why Apollo’s name was shorten is Vince McMahon. Vince decided on shortening Harper, Rowan, Cesaro, Rusev and Big E’s in the past because he felt it sounded better on WWE programming.

Speaking of Apollo, Terry Crews commented on Apollo’s name change and accused WWE of ripping off his name.

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