WWE finally did the unthinkable on Raw. They had a Last Chance match between Seth Rollins & Friend v. The Bar. Rollins lost. Hopefully this means he never has to step in a ring with Sheamus and/or Cesaro. The feud has ended. Finally.

There’s still the question of what the Kingslayer is going to do come February 25. While WWE has two weeks to come up with something for Rollins to do, things aren’t looking too hot for the Architect.

All the Suitable Opponents Are in the chamber

The problem with having a multi-man match as the main event and cramming it with top talent is that the rest of the card suffers. Think of Extreme Rules 2017. Elimination Chamber 2017. While the rest of the card may have been alright, it looked underwhelming on paper. Given the state of Raw’s roster right now, Elimination Chamber 2018 will suffer the same fate.

Finn Balor is probably going to be in the Chamber. Bray Wyatt will probably fight Matt Hardy. What’s Seth Rollins going to do? Fight Curt Hawkins? Fight Apollo Crews?

He can’t even have a throwaway match for the Intercontinental Championship against the Miz that ends with Miztourage interference. Miz is in the Elimination Chamber as well. Anyone worth fighting that isn’t named Sheamus or Cesaro is already indisposed.

The fact that there are seven people injured on Raw’s roster right now doesn’t exactly help. I imagine that if Dean Ambrose’s elbow didn’t explode or whatever, then they would already be setting up a feud between the two. Alas, Ambrose is taking time off for the first time ever due to his injury.

Samoa Joe is out as well, so they can’t even have an exhibition match. Jason Jordan just recently got neck surgery, so they’ll want to keep him out of the ring for a while.

What’s Rollins to do?

How can he build the feud with jason jordan?

Even if you didn’t read any rumors or whatever, you could still tell that this match was going to happen. Seth Rollins thinks that Jason Jordan is kind of a dick. With Jordan costing Rollins his last chance at the Tag Team Championship, tensions are now high. How can this be built upon? How can the tension be raised some more?

I imagine that if Jordan was healthy, they’d place both him and Rollins in the Chamber. Jordan would eliminate Rollins before getting eliminated himself. Think of when Ted DiBiase hit Randy Orton with a pipe and then pinned him before getting eliminated by Kofi Kingston.

With Jason not allowed to wrestle until Lord knows when, they’ll probably either stick to backstage segments or in-ring interviews. Maybe Jordan overhears Rollins talking about how he’s an entitled dick who is abusing his dad’s kindness. Maybe someone hits Jordan with a car and then Kurt Angle launches an investigation and it turns out it was Rikishi, who did it for the Rock (and the people). Only time can tell at this moment.

Whatever their plans are, I hope they’re alright. Rollins gets some of the loudest reactions on the roster, To leave him off the card would be a shame. I do think that WWE knows what they’re doing, though. They’ve posted an article asking about Rollins’ plans for Elimination Chamber. They know what’s up. Let’s just hope that whatever it is that is up is good.

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