We previously reported that there were plans in place a few months back for Hulk Hogan to join The Bullet Club but the deal ended up falling through because Hogan wanted too much money and there was also the feeling that Hogan would leave NJPW hanging once he got the call from Vince McMahon to return to WWE.

Dave Meltzer elaborated on this topic in the latest installment of Wrestling Observer Radio and provided more details about Hogan asking for more money than what NJPW believes he’s worth to them.

“There have been talks and the gist of it is that it’s not cost-effective because I think he wants more money than he’s worth at this stage of the game,” said Meltzer.

Melzer explained how Hogan going to New Japan is different than Chris Jericho because with Jericho they had the whole storyline angle mapped out. With Hogan, they could have things mapped out but he would most-likely jump back to WWE immediately if he got the call from Vince. Hogan is notorious for this as in 2003, he shot an angle with Jeff Jarrett and then jumped to WWE when McMahon called him.

The original idea was to put Hogan in The Bullet Club after he expressed interest in working with the group. With Hogan being unable to wrestle, he would be limited to an ambassador role and the company wasn’t willing to pay what Hogan was asking.

“He’s such a larger than life character that he takes over everything and I don’t know that’s good to overshadow [your stars]. Your product is Okada, Naito, and Omega and The Young Bucks and Ishii and these guys and you have this guy and he goes and overshadows them and then leaves…I’m pretty negative on the idea. It could happen [but] I don’t think it’s the right move for New Japan.”

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