The lineup for the men’s Elimination Chamber match is nearly complete. After some rumors circulated about who would be in the match, I must say that I’m pleasantly surprised with the line-up. Roman Reigns, John Cena, Braun Strowman, Elias, and the Miz are all in the match. But there’s still one spot left.

Instead of having someone fight a qualifying match against Curt Hawkins, four of the men who lost their qualifying matches will now compete against each other for that last spot. This means Curt Hawkins will receive no opportunity to be in the Chamber. This also means that for Matt Hardy, Finn Balor, Bray Wyatt, and Apollo Crews, they are one step closer to the Universal Championship.

Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt

These two weird dudes are totally ramping up the shenanigans. They both got involved in each other’s qualifying matches, too. Wyatt cost Hardy his match, and Hardy attacked Wyatt after Wyatt lost to Roman Reigns. Obviously, either one of them will be in the Elimination Chamber, or neither of them will.

I believe that their feud will continue on and they will have a match at the event. Just not while competing for a shot at  the Universal Championship. Their fate will be much weirder and crazier.

I will say this, though. Perhaps one of them, let’s say Bray, will somehow make it into the Chamber, and then they’re the second to the last person in the match. Lights go out and come back on. Boom, Hardy’s in the ring. He attacks Wyatt, costs him the match, and then leaves. Or vice versa. It would be kind of neat, but highly unlikely.

Wyatt and Hardy’s Chances of Winning: 10% (Collectively)

Apollo Crews

Who would have ever guessed that Apollo Crews might somehow find himself competing for a shot against Brock Lesnar? No one, that’s who. His main roster one started off kind of weak. He feuded with Sheamus for a bit, and then Smackdown tried to do something with him in the Draft, but their efforts were largely unsuccessful.

Who would have ever guessed that Titus O’Neil would be the one to boost Apollo Crews’ career? No one, that’s who. Ever since aligning with the Titus Brand, Crews (and Dana Brooke) have found some much needed personality, and despite losing a tag team title match, things look to be heading on the up and up for Crews.

It wouldn’t be out of place to see Apollo Crews in the Elimination Chamber. Ted DiBiase was in one. Carlito and Chris Masters were in one. Wade Barrett was in three. Santino Marella almost won one. It adds to the drama if a midcarder is in the match. Eventually, though, they always get pinned.

Crews’ Chances of Winning: 40%

Finn Balor

I don’t quite get what WWE’s plans are with Finn Balor. Any time he seems to pick up some momentum (defeating AJ Styles at TLC, finishing fourth place in the Royal Rumble), it gets halted (losing to Kane, losing to John Cena). It’s like WWE knows what they have with Balor, but they don’t want to use him.

That said, I believe Balor is the favorite to win this match. After spending much of 2017 doing nothing, Balor looked to start 2018 strong. And he did (sort of). He’s got Gallows and Anderson with him. He was 4th place in the Royal Rumble.

By placing Balor in the Elimination Chamber, they can get another star performance out of him. Heck, they can even try to make him a star. Have him eliminate four people, I don’t know. We know he’s probably not winning, but if he’s there, then WWE can utilize his talents.

Balor’s Chances of Winning: 50%

Steve Carrier

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