Garcia welcomes Trish Stratus to the show.

Stratus informs that she had a terrific time at the Royal Rumble event. She did a lot of training leading up to her surprise entrance at the Rumble, and she truly believes that training paid off. She’s always watched her matches back and would often find one or two things that she thought she could have done better. After re-watching her Rumble appearance, she was actually satisfied with everything she did in the ring.

She adds that it was great watching the match back, because she was able to enjoy the other surprise appearances and the special moments that were created throughout the match. She was lucky enough to not be sore at all the day after the Rumble, although she admits that she didn’t bump much during her appearance.

Stratus says that it was an amazing moment when her and Mickie James had a confrontation during the match. Ten years has passed since they had their memorable feud on WWE programming, and it was really cool to be able to pay tribute to that with a short spot during the Rumble.

She informs that it was really cool to be able to square off with Natalya during the match as well, because she has a tremendous amount of respect for what Natalya has done for the business over the past decade. Natalya has developed into a real “ring general”, and nobody knows the things she’s overcome during her WWE career. She’s very proud of what Natalya has accomplished.

Garcia asks Stratus if this Rumble appearance made her miss being in front of the WWE Universe on a full-time basis. Stratus says that she hasn’t really had a chance to miss the business because she routinely returns for Hall of Fame appearances or surprise appearances like at the Rumble. She also has two small children to think about now, so one-off appearances are probably the best option for her at this point.

Garcia welcomes Mickie James to the show.

James informs that it’s been an amazing whirlwind since returning to the WWE last year. She points out that things have changed in WWE since she was a full-time talent there a decade ago, but all of the women on the roster have been very respectful towards her and that makes her feel good. She also thinks her experience has been able to help a few of the younger women on WWE’s roster.

Speaking about the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble match, James points out that all the women in that match made history together and that’s something that they’ll all remember forever. One of her favourite moments in the Rumble was when Vicki Guerrero came out as a surprise entrant. She points out that Guerrero’s entrance allowed the match to breath and provided a very entertaining spot.

James comments on her standoff with Trish Stratus during the match. She admits that she was worried that the fans wouldn’t remember the history between them, so she was very happy when the fans popped for their showdown. She adds that she couldn’t believe how great Stratus looked, and she admits that she’d love to have one more one-on-one match with Stratus.

James speaks about her history of being sexually abused. She admits that the physical and mental distress she suffered as a result of those attacks has left her with a constant struggle to trust people, especially men. She points out that there’s still lots of things left to work on, but she’s happy that the conversations are happening and things are improving.

James’ Husband is NWA World Champion, Magnus. She admits that being married to another professional wrestler can present some difficult situations from time to time, but the same can be said for most marriages. When she got the call to return to WWE she wasn’t sure how to make it work, but she was determined to do so. They both moved to Virginia together and this has led to them being closer to her family which she loves.

That sums up today’s episode of Chasing Glory. You can listen to the show yourself anytime here, and I’ll catch ya next week for another recap!

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