After a no doubt historic moment where Asuka became the first ever woman to win a 30-woman Royal Rumble match, Ronda Rousey showed up. The former UFC Bantamweight Champion arrived and pointed at the Wrestlemania sign. What could this possibly mean?

While it may seem like a no-brainer to make her night unstoppable (after all, she was Bantamweight Champion for three whole years), WWE should do their best to avoid doing just that. We do not need another Brock Lesnar. We do not need a Brock Lesnar in the women’s division. Here’s why.

The Women’s Division Is Not Large Enough

Think of all the people Brock Lesnar’s fought over the last few years. John Cena, Seth Rollins, Triple H, Roman Reigns, Randy Orton, The Undertaker, Dean Ambrose, Samoa Joe, Braun Strowman, AJ Styles, Goldberg, Big Show, and CM Punk, and many others. There’s more people in that list than in Raw’s women’s division. If Rousey were to go on a path of destruction, she’d run out of opponents real quick. Even if she were to work a schedule like Lesnar (I actually don’t know what kind of contract she’ signed to) and had around five matches a year, it would get old really quick.

Rousey can only fight Bayley, Sasha Banks, and Alexa Bliss so many times before people get tired of watching it (see: Seth Rollins & Friend v. The Bar). They’re not gonna let Alicia Fox or Dana Brooke fight Rousey. Do you see Curt Hawkins and Heath Slater having matches with Lesnar?

Obviously WWE shouldn’t make Ronda Rousey lose all the time, but they shouldn’t put her on a whole new level. Rousey squashing the all the women won’t just get old, but it also damages the roster’s reputation. At least with Lesnar, it’s believable. He was a three-time WWE Champion when he returned. He beat the Undertaker at Wrestlemania. If Rousey just showed up and kicked everyone’s asses, it would make them look like chumps. Why should we root for Bayley or Sasha Banks if they get their asses handed to them by Ronda Rousey?

Ronda Rousey Has Not Done Anything in WWE Yet

The most Rousey’s done prior to showing up last month was putting Stephanie McMahon in an armbar at Wrestlemania 31. In kayfabe, she’s not done anything that would warrant her being so unstoppable without destroying the reputation of the rest of the roster.

Brock Lesnar beat The Undertaker. He ended The Streak. 21 – 0. 21 years of history. That’s why he’s so dominant. Anyone who beat a legend at Wrestlemania is bound to be powerful. That’s how it works. You beat the best, and then you absorb their power and become the new best. That’s why Brock Lesnar can squash John Cena with a billion German suplexes. That’s why Brock Lesnar can get stretchered out of a match and rush back in ten minutes later and win.

The most Ronda Rousey can really do that would grant her this level of destruction is ending Asuka’s “unpinned and never tapped out” streak, and even then, that’s nowhere near as legendary as Undertaker’s Wrestlemania streak.

People also seem to forget (either voluntarily or involuntarily) that Brock Lesnar didn’t just show up and kick everyone’s asses. No. During his first year back, he lost to John Cena and Triple H. His matches were also competitive.

WWE really should do their best to avoid turning Ronda Rousey into Brock Lesnar. It’s not what they need.

Steve Carrier

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