The Taz Show Recap – WWE Signing Ex-TNA Talents, Reason Behind Rockstar Spud Name Change, Rey Mysterio to 205 Live? More!

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Taz is joined on today’s show by his co-host, Seth.

Taz opens today’s show speaking about WWE’s newest signing, Jeremy Borash. He says that Borash is a very talented guy, and a hard worker who he worked closely with during his time in TNA. He was very surprised to hear this news because he never thought Borash would sign with WWE. Borash seemed to be a TNA “lifer”.

He informs that the feeling in TNA when he worked there, was that it was nearly impossible to go from TNA to WWE if you weren’t in WWE before-hand. A.J. Styles was a top guy in TNA and he still had to go to Japan first to further prove himself before WWE came calling. Taz refers to this as the “TNA stink”.

He points out that Vince McMahon didn’t care about TNA, and he paid no attention to it. Taz thinks that things might be changing in WWE now thanks to Triple H. The door has now been opened for guys like Borash, Rockstar Spud and EC3 to make their mark in WWE. Taz tips his cap to Triple H if that is indeed the case.

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