Vince Russo’s The Brand Recap – Cornette’s Childish Behaviour, Enzo Amore’s Demise, Rape Culture Within the Wrestling Business, More!

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Russo is joined on today’s show by “Starmaker” Kenny Bolin.

Bolin speaks about his rocky friendship with Jim Cornette. He informs that he’s been friends with Cornette for many years, but they’ve had their disagreements during that time as well. Just recently they had a huge fight which led to Bolin leaving Cornette’s podcast, and joining Russo here on The Brand. Luckily the two old friends were able to make up and thinks were looking fine again.

Just last week, Cornette called Bolin while he was recording a podcast with Russo and Bolin answered. This led to Cornette’s voice being heard on Russo’s podcast, and Bolin immediately felt bad about this given the history between Cornette and Russo. He called Cornette and told him what had happened; Cornette hung up on him and he hasn’t heard from him since.

Bolin says that sometimes Cornette acts like a 5-year old bipolar kid who refuses to take his medicine. He’s sick of Cornette bullying him emotionally because this type of thing has happened many times in the past. They’ve actually had physical disputes in the past as well and Bolin always came out on top in those, but Cornette’s emotional games have really taken a toll on him.

Russo points out that he, Cornette and Bolin are all in their mid to late 50s, and none of this childish crap should matter to any of them. Bolin agrees and says he’s done with Cornette because he refuses to be a part of this nonsense moving forward. He adds that Cornette should “…get some help because normal people don’t act like you.”

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