E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness Recap w/ Corey Graves – Transitioning into Commentary, Working with Booker T, Difference Between Working RAW and Smackdown, More!


Christian opens today’s show by speaking about his experience at RAW25 last Monday. He informs that he hadn’t been backstage at RAW in a long time, but after arriving there and talking with everyone he felt like he never left. It was nice to get out in front of the crowd and get some closure on that side of his career.

He really enjoyed his segment, even though he knew going in that it was going to be short. He loves that Jason Jordan is developing a character, and the audience is eating it up right now. Edge informs that he wasn’t sure about the Jordan/Seth Rollins tag team initially, but they’ve been proving him wrong over the last couple of weeks.

Edge and Christian welcome Corey Graves to the show.

Edge asks Graves how he deals with his hefty WWE schedule. Graves says he doesn’t mind the busy schedule because he’s always preferred to be busy his entire life. Even nowadays when he’s home for 3 or 4 days on an odd week he nearly goes crazy. Edge points out that when you’re gone your family has a way of doing things, so when you get home you become a huge “fleshy wrench” that’s been thrown into their plans.

Graves informs that he had an awesome experience calling RAW 25 last Monday. He admits that he became a kid again during the Steve Austin/Vince McMahon segment. Graves was sitting ringside when Austin’s music hit, and he says that was probably the loudest he’s ever heard an arena.

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