Vince McMahon announced today at a press conference that the XFL will return in 2020. Here are some highlights from the conference:

* The XFL will feature 8 teams and 49 rosters.

* It will be available on multiple devices.

* There are seven months of the year with no football and now is the time to bring it back.

* They will consider the standard and new way to deliever the programming in terms of cable or on a network like WWE’s network.

* Vince doesn’t believe the XFL will get in his way of his WWE operations and he will still be the head of WWE.

* There will be no crossover from XFL to WWE or vise-versa.

* Vince says he will not be the forefront of the XFL and they will hire someone for that job.

* Vince said he has had this plan for sometime now.

* The league will start early January or February.

* They will announce the cities for the teams at a later date and indicated that they still don’t know the exact cities yet.

* Vince says he has no idea if Donald Trump will support the league. They are going to go where the fans want them to go. Vince says “every city” is on the radar.

* Vince stressed that they are “here to play football.”

* Vince said he doesn’t believe there will be a half-time on their shows. They are trying to have a much faster game and the goal is for two hour games.

* Vince said the XFL documentary play no role in the decision to bring back the league.

* Vince revealed that they had other names in mind for the league but stuck with “XFL” for marketing standpoints.

* Vince couldn’t confirm if they will allow nicknames on jersey’s such as “He Hate Me.” Vince said they will figure that out after they discuss with football experts.

* When asked about broadcasting, networks and announce teams, Vince said it’s still to be determined.

* Vince said that they probably wouldn’t be recycling old team names from the former XFL.

* Vince doesn’t want criminals playing for the league, so even if you have a DUI you can’t play for any of the teams.

* The XFL will have a set of rules that athletes will have to abide by.

* Vince thanked everyone for listening in.

You can check out footage from the conference below:

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