Taz is joined on today’s show by his co-host, Seth.

Taz opens today’s show by informing that he’ll be doing a live 3-hour special immediately after the Royal Rumble this Sunday.

Taz says he’s not completely against the idea of Stephanie McMahon joining the commentary team for the Women’s Royal Rumble match. He admits that he’d rather have a different person in that role, but as long as Stephanie doesn’t try to do play-by-play or a colour commentary, he’s okay with it. He thinks she needs to simply be an ambassador of sorts at the commentary desk.

Seth points out that Ronda Rousey is actually the betting favourite to win the Women’s Rumble match right now. Taz thinks some of the higher-ups in WWE actually leak this type of information on purpose in order to generate buzz and anticipation. If Rousey is involved, he doesn’t think WWE is going to put her in there to lose, so he picks Rousey to win this match.

Taz doesn’t think that Stephanie McMahon should be a guest entrant into the Rumble match. He jokes that it’s already bad enough that her husband, Triple H involves himself in every cool angle; she doesn’t need to do the same.

Moving onto the Men’s Rumble match, Seth mentions that Daniel Bryan is actually one of the betting favourites to win. Taz points out that no matter what these betting odds are saying, if Daniel Bryan poses a risk to himself or anyone else in the ring, WWE will never clear him to wrestle. If he is indeed cleared to wrestle, WWE has several creative options for WrestleMania including Bryan versus Styles, or Bryan versus Lesnar.

Nakamura is actually the betting favourite to win at this point, and although Taz hates the idea of betting on professional wrestling, he’s siding with the odds here by choosing Nakamura as his winner. He adds that he’d love to see Nakamura prevail in this match.

Taz thinks Brock Lesnar is going to successfully defend his Universal Title at the Rumble against Braun Strowman and Kane. He points out that if WWE decides to switch the Title, they’ll put it on Strowman, not Kane. Strowman is basically a babyface at this point, so in order to really get him to the top of the mountain as Champion, Strowman needs to pin Lesnar, not Kane in order to win.

Taz mentions that WWE needs to be careful that Strowman doesn’t become too much of a spectacle, tipping over trucks and throwing humans around every Monday night. In spite of those potential issues, Strowman is definitely “money” and “must-see television” in Taz’s opinion.

Taz thinks Strowman and Lesnar would have a better match on their own in a singles bout. He fears that Kane’s inclusion in the match may make things clunky, because we rarely see triple threat matches with three big men. In most triple threats, at least one of the competitors are smaller and can add a different element to the match.

Moving into the WWE Championship match between A.J. Styles and Kevin Owens/Sami Zayn, Taz feels that if Bryan isn’t involved in the Men’s Rumble, we might see him interfere here. Bryan could potentially swerve Owens and Zayn, pairing with Styles to even the odds.

As for the RAW Tag Team Titles, Taz thinks that Jason Jordan will inadvertently hit Seth Rollins, setting up Rollins versus Jordan at WrestleMania. He thinks this is a typical “Vince McMahon angle” and it’s very predictable. On the Smackdown side, he thinks Benjamin and Gable will defeat The Usos to become the new Smackdown Tag Team Champions.

That sums up today’s episode of The Taz Show. You can listen to the show yourself anytime here, and I’ll catch ya tomorrow for another recap!

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