The Taz Show Recap – RAW25 Analysis, Manhattan Center Crowd Not Happy, Why is Taz Happy He Wasn’t Invited? More!

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Taz is joined on today’s show by his co-host, Seth.

Taz opens today’s show by speaking about last night’s 25th Anniversary episode of RAW. He points out that The Manhattan Center crowd had to deal with long breaks between in-ring action, and this resulted in the live audience getting very agitated. Most fans paid hundreds of dollars to be live at The Manhattan Center, and he thinks WWE failed to book this event properly.

Seth says that the Undertaker promo was very open-ended and it didn’t really impress him. He would have preferred seeing Undertaker get physical with a full-time talent. Taz points out that WWE prostitutes their younger talent to the aging veterans enough as it is, so Undertaker cutting a promo was not a bad idea in his mind. He also adds that Undertaker may not have been physically able to have an in-ring confrontation.

Taz believes that Randy Orton definitely should have been on this show and Orton’s wife obviously agreed, since she sent out a social media post yesterday saying so. Taz informs that he wasn’t invited back for this show, and he adds that he’s too critical of WWE’s current product to be invited back for this type of show.

He informs that he was present backstage at a recent commemorative episode of Smackdown, and they didn’t even use him on camera then when he was live in the building. He adds that he’s almost happy that he wasn’t invited to this show because they would have had him walking backstage with a towel over his head or playing poker with the APA. He wouldn’t have been interested in anything like that, especially if they weren’t going to pay him.

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