Reason John Cena Didn’t Confront The Undertaker on RAW 25


As seen on the RAW 25th Anniversary show, WWE booked an angle with John Cena that saw Elias getting the best of him to help build to a spot that will accumulate at Sunday’s Royal Rumble event.

Dave Meltzer indicated on the latest installment of Wrestling Observer Radio that the reason WWE didn’t do the rumored segment between Cena and The Undertaker to build to their rumored WrestleMania 34 match is because the company felt with The Rumble being on Sunday that this would be the only time they would have to build for the Cena & Elias spot.

The Cena & Elias angle was originally scheduled to involve Samoa Joe instead of Elias. Due to Samoa Joe being out with an injury, Elias was named as Joe’s replacement so the company has been short of time with putting an angle between the two together.

The belief is the company will do something with The Undertaker and Cena at a later date.

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