Randy Orton Pulled from RAW 25th Anniversary Show?

Randy Orton may not be appearing on the 25th Anniversary show tonight.

Orton’s wife Kim Orton took to Instagram and indicated that Orton may not be on the show. She didn’t elaborate exactly why but pointed out he’s been a huge part of WWE history.

She wrote, “Can someone pls explain to me how @randyorton isn’t on the Raw 25th anniversary tonight? He’s been on more episode of Raw then anyone besides HHH, Michaels, Taker, Kane and Cena. Impressive list right? So why NOT @randyorton? He’s had some of the most memorable moments in Raw history too. He’s also on the Promo pic but isn’t on the show. Just doesn’t make sense to me. Enjoy the show tonight guys. I’ll be playing MarioKart with my kids.”

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