E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness Recap w/ Batista – Steve Austin’s Acting Advice, Why Does He Regret His Latest WWE Run? Potential WWE Return? More!

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Edge opens today’s show speaking about his wife, Beth Phoenix’s horrible travel day which resulted in her having to make her commentary debut on last week’s Mixed Match Challenge on just 2 hours sleep. He says everything that could have went wrong in regards to her travel did so, and she really showed a lot of strength and work ethic in order to get to the show on time and make her commentary debut.

He adds that she beat herself up over the job she did on commentary that night, but he comforted her by pointing out that getting good at commentary will be a work in process. Edge and Christian both say that they loved doing commentary, but it was incredibly difficult. There’s no doubt that it takes a long time before anyone can feel 100% comfortable behind a commentary table in WWE.

Edge and Christian welcome Batista to the show.

Batista points out that at one point in time during his WWE career there was a storyline in place for him that would have revealed him to be a “rape child”, and this was a storyline that he wasn’t happy with. He didn’t think this was one of the creative team’s finer moments, but he was still rather new in the company and didn’t want to turn anything down.

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