Garcia welcomes Mick Foley to the show.

Foley informs that he worked for WWE full-time as an in-ring performer for four years from 1996-2000. From there he went on to work as RAW Commissioner and GM, as well as making special one-off appearances. He points out that over a 10-year span, he didn’t appear on Smackdown once. He has a special connection to the RAW brand, and he’s very excited about the 25th anniversary special.

Foley mentions that one of his favourite RAW moments was winning the WWE Title from The Rock. Foley points out that nobody expected him to win the WWE Title, and he even started to think that winning the Title was the incorrect decision. After the match took place and he saw the reaction to his Title win he realized that it was a big moment, and it has certainly stood the test of time.

Foley points out that RAW has certainly come a long way in terms of its production value, and he doesn’t think WWE gets half the credit they deserve for how amazing their shows look. He also thinks it’s a crime that WWE doesn’t get any respect within the television community and aren’t considered for EMMY awards. He points out that RAW has been on the air every week for 25 years and that should be commended.

Garcia welcomes Vicki Guerrero to the show.

Guerrero jokes that God gifted her with the ability to piss people off, so that made her heel character so easily portrayable. She points out that some of her scripts were very long and that was intimidating at first. She’d often tuck herself away in a corner of the stadium after receiving her scripts so that she could focus on memorizing her lines.

Guerrero informs that she treated every night like it was her last night, and getting positive reactions from Vince McMahon kept her going. She also fed off the reactions of the audience, and watching all those fans express their hatred for her night after night was an amazing experience.

Garcia asks Guerrero about her most memorable moment from RAW. She says the entire Edge storyline is very memorable to her. She credits Edge for taking her under his wing at that time, and he taught her how to be comfortable in the ring. She says that not one day goes by without her thinking of the things she did in WWE, and she misses it dearly.

Garcia welcomes Ivory to the show.

Ivory informs that she had an incredible time in WWE during the attitude era. That was an amazing era with an unbelievable amount of talented performers. It’s hard to imagine having a roster with The Rock, Steve Austin, Undertaker, Kurt Angle, Kane, and so many more all working at the same time.

She thinks it’s incredible that WWE is still producing weekly television, while so many other shows have come and gone. She recalls attending USA Network meetings while she worked for WWE, and she saw huge turnover in the other television shows on the network even then. Here we are nearly two decades later and WWE is still rolling.

One of Ivory’s fondest memories of RAW is competing in the first ever Women’s Hardcore match with Torrie Wilson. They had so much fun in that match given that they had free reign to use whatever they wanted around the arena. Vince McMahon even gave them bonuses that night after the show because the match was so entertaining. That was an exhilarating experience for her.
Garcia welcomes D-Von Dudley to the show.

Garcia asks Dudley if there were ever any secret incidents or injuries that took place while putting people through tables. Dudley informs that when Bubba Ray put Mae Young through a table during the attitude era she actually farted on him. Dudley points out that a fart was probably the least worrisome thing that could have resulted from that spot.

Dudley thinks that Young is one of the strongest and bravest people to ever step foot in a wrestling ring. When he and Bubba started to work with Young they were taking it easy on her because they didn’t want to hurt her. She approached them backstage one evening, slapped Bubba Ray in the face and said, “That’s how I want to get hit”. From that point on, they knew that they had to lay in their offence because that’s the way Young wanted it.

Dudley informs that he’s having a lot of fun producing for WWE now. He admits that producing is a challenge, but there’s nowhere else in the world he’d rather be right now. He also informs that he’s not fully retired, adding that he can still go in the ring, and he’d have no issue lacing up his boots again if need be.  
Garcia welcomes Torrie Wilson to the show.

Wilson admits that it bugs her somewhat that she can’t say she’s a former WWE Women’s Champion. She put a lot of work in during her time in WWE, and it would have been nice after all that time to say that she was the Champion at one point.

Wilson’s most memorable day in WWE was her first day on RAW. Her first day occurred during the WCW invasion angle, and she was told early in the day that she’d be doing some backstage vignettes with Vince McMahon for that night’s show. When she got the script she realized she’d be making out with McMahon, and that made for a very strange first day on the job.

Wilson says she’s very proud of WWE’s current group of women, and she doesn’t take any of the credit for the success that the women are experiencing lately. She believes all the credit for these successes needs to be given to the women who are accomplishing these incredible things.

That sums up this week’s episode of Chasing Glory. You can listen to the show yourself anytime here, and I’ll catch ya next week for another recap!

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