Anthem Media is in Orlando, Florida tonight to tape an upcoming episode of Impact Wrestling. Here are are the spoilers from tonight’s show:

* GWN Exclusive: Alisha Edwards defeats Laurel Van Ness.

* Eli Drake vs Moose in a Case vs Case match. Eli Drake defeats Moose. OVE ran in mid match to attack Moose, Eddie Edwards made the save, but Eli Drake hit Moose with a baseball bat. Moose kicked out, Drake hit his finish for the win and now has the World & Tag Title cases.

* Josh Matthews and Matt Sydal out, tonight Josh Matthews will wrestle Petey Williams. Josh says Sydal is not World Champion now because of Petey and worst of all Josh Matthews isn’t the Grand Champion right now because of Petey.


* Petey Williams defeats Josh Matthews by DQ when Matt Sydal interferes, Petey gets beat down post match.

* Fallah Bahh, Richard Justice, & Tyrus defeat KM & The Cult of Lee.

* Rosemary defeats Taya Valkyrie with a piledriver off the top rope through a table in a No DQ Match.

* Eli Drake out, he picked up Case #1 and it gave him a Tag Title shot. But now he has the World Title Case. Since Aries is busy with Alberto at Redemption, he might as well use the Tag Title Case. LAX comes out. Konnan asks who Eli Drake’s Tag Partner is… It’s Scott Steiner. Scott Steiner confirms Redemption on April 22nd will occur in Toronto.

* Moose vs Sami Callihan. Moose defeats Sami Callihan by DQ when Sami uses the baseball bat, OVE beat down of Moose, Eddie tries to make the save but also gets beat down with the baseball bat, Alisha Edwards out, OVE corner her, lights go out, Tommy Dreamers makes the save.

* It’s announced that at Redemption it will be OVE vs Tommy Dreamer, Eddie Edwards, & Moose in a House Of Hardcore Match.

* Braxton Sutter & Su Yung defeat Fallah Bahh & Kiera Hogan.

* Allie and Su Yung have a tear apart brawl after the match.

* Xplosion: Rohit Raju defeats Sugar Dunkerton.

* Kongo Kong vs Johnny Impact. Johnny gets the win via DQ after Kong throws him into the steel steps.

* KM out, he says he an innovator, today he is going to innovate a one of a kind match. Today he is going to create the KM Open Challenge. He’s going to call out the best in the business like Barry Horowitz, Brooklyn Brawler, and D-Ray 3000.

* Brian Cage defeats KM.

* Alberto El Patron, Matt Sydal, and OVE vs Moose, Tommy Dreamer, Petey Williams, and Austin Aries. Matt Sydal pins Petey Williams with some help from Josh Matthews to win it for his team.

* Xplosion: Kiera Hogan defeats Laurel Van Ness.

* Xplosion: El Hijo Del Fantasma defeats Homicide.

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