Anthem Media is in Orlando, Florida tonight to tape an upcoming episode of Impact Wrestling. Here are are the spoilers from tonight’s show:

* Xposion: Rohit Raju defeated unknown talent.

* Fantasma defeats Braxton Sutter. After the match, Sutter cuts a promo and mentioned that Allie isn’t out there because she ruins lives. Sutter says he’s the biggest star the company has ever seen and gets nothing for it. Brian Cage comes out and destroys Sutter.

* Rosemary defeats Hania. After the match, Rosemary cuts an in-ring promo and says Hania is just a puppy dog. The Demon Assasin is still the alpha. She is taking back what rightfully belongs to the shadow. “We want that KO championship.” Taya is out to confront Rosemary. Taya tells Rosemary she finds what she has to say hilarious. Taya says she is lucha royalty and the star of the show. Taya attacks Rosemary and lays her out on the ramp.


* KM walks the Knockout’s title down the ramp and then introduces LVN. KM says he’s an ordained minister and will marrying LVN and the title. KM says “It’s 2018 and that’s a real thing.” Sutter out to object. Cage tried to kill him and he saw what was most important, it was LVN. A year ago he made the biggest mistake of his life. Allie ruins lives. Sutter proposes that he, LVN, and the title spend their lives together. LVN says no. KM says “Epic fail, bro!” Allie comes out to object and beats down LVN. Allie stands tall to end the segment.

* Kongo Kong w/Jimmy Jacobs are out. Jacobs asked Park kindly to bring Abyss. Grandma Jenny Park comes out. She’s had enough of the way they’ve treated Joseph. They need to stop or else. Joseph Park out to confront Kong. Told the world Abyss is never coming back. Jacobs says Chandler was the beginning and would hate it if something happened to Grandma Jenny. Kong attacks Joseph.

* They are now taping for “Crossroads”

* LAX defeated Cult of Lee.

* Matt Sydal defeated Ishimori to become the X Division and Grand Slam Champion.

* Allie defeats LVN to win the Knockouts Championship title.

* Bobby Lashley & Brian Cage defeat OVE. After the match, Lashley attempts to shakes Cage’s hand. He nods and walks off.

* Kongo Kong defeated Joseph Park.

* Main event: Austin Aries defeated Johnny Impact. Alberto comes out and claps in a disingenuous way on the ramp.

* Xplosion: KM defeated Sugar Dunkerton.

* Xplosion: Sienna defeated Hogan.

* Eli Drake defeats Baah.

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