Chasing Glory Recap w/ Kelly Kelly, Melina & Eve Torres – Women’s Royal Rumble Match, Missing the Business, Paving the Way for Future Women, More!

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Lillian Garcia welcomes Eve Torres to the show.

Torres mentions that she’s been retired for nearly five years now, and it’s really amazing to her how much the business of professional wrestling stays with you, even after you retire. She doesn’t feel like she’s been retired that long at all, and it’s almost as if she could just walk backstage at any point, put on her gear and go work a match.

She admits that she got emotional when she heard about the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble match. This match obviously means a lot to the women involved in the match, but it also means a lot to the women who worked for years to make sure that this would happen someday.

She points out that she dealt with a lot of frustration when she worked at WWE. She wanted the women to have a larger role in the storylines during that time and although she pleaded for that, her requests would always hit a wall. She admits that those deaf ears played a part in her deciding to retire.

Torres goes on to say that life on the road is very difficult on your body. It makes sense to live that lifestyle during one period of your life, but at other points it doesn’t make any sense at all. As she got older and wanted to pursue other things in life, it made sense for her to step away from WWE.

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