E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness – Social Media’s Impact on Wrestling, ECW Paving the Way, Kayfabe on Twitter, More!


Edge and Christian welcome Tommy Dreamer and Shane “Hurricane” Helms to the show to discuss social media’s impact on the business of professional wrestling.

Dreamer points out that after the emergence of the dirt sheets in the 1980’s and 1990’s, ECW became a trailblazer in the way they utilized the newly established internet to interact with fans through message boards. Helms agrees, saying that while WWE is often behind the ball when it comes to utilizing new technology, ECW was way ahead of the game with their use of the internet in the mid 90’s.

Edge wonders if WWE is often behind the ball on this type of technology on purpose. Perhaps they like to wait and see if new technologies work before they start investing millions of dollars into it. He also points out that when WWE finally does pull the trigger on something, they go all in.

Dreamer’s not sure WWE would voluntarily be behind the ball with new technologies like Edge suggests because they’ve tried certain things in the past. At one point in the early 2000’s Shane McMahon was the head of a technology department within WWE, but Dreamer admits that it was hard for Shane to get the company’s full support to invest in certain technologies.

Edge recalls being a young fan in Canada many years ago, waiting for Bill Apter’s wrestling magazines to arrive on newsstands every month. There was no other way for wrestling fans to get information back in those days, and that’s hard to wrap your mind about now. Helms points out that by the time fans would get the information in those magazines, it may have been completely out of date.

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