During the pre-show, the New Japan Rumble took place with Masahito Kakihara winning the Rumble, last eliminating CHEESEBURGER. Featured in the Rumble were such names as Jushin Liger, Delirious, YOSHI-HASHI, BUSHI, Yujiro Takahashi, Tiger Mask IV, El Desperado, Yoshinobu Kanemuru, Katsuya Kitamura, Satoshi Kojima, Henare, Chase Owens, Hiroyoshi Tenzao and Gino Gambino.

Kakihara cut a promo after, giving support to his friend, NOAH legend Yoshihiro Takayama, who was seriously injured last year and is still away from wrestling.

Opening video showcases the card for tonight.

We go to the opening match.


IWGP Jr. Tag Team Titles: Roppongi 3K (SHO and YOH) (c’s) w/Rocky Romero vs. The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson)

Bucks make fun of Roppongi 3K early, calling them “young boys.” Yoh locks Matt in a Sharpshooter early, but he quickly gets to the ropes. Matt and Yoh then put the other team’s partner in Sharpshooters until they exchange strikes. Roppongi 3K take down the Bucks with stereo dropkicks, then begin double teaming Nick, including hitting the old Rocky Romero Battering Knees double-team. Roppongi 3K then wipe out the Bucks outside with stereo flip dives. Yoh hurt his back, however, on the dive, clutching at it when getting back in. This allows the Bucks to take over, with Nick hitting a Deadlift Apron German to Yoh. The Bucks then lay out Romero on the ramp, hitting a running powerbomb. Matt then with an Apron Powerbomb to Yoh and Nick gets a close 2. Bucks begin taking control, working over Yoh’s back. Yoh avoids Matt, who takes a splat outside. Nick continues to work over Yoh. Matt brings Yoh to the rampway and goes for another powerbomb, but Yoh blocks it and backdrops Matt on the rampway. Nick goes for a dive, but Yoh moves and Nick takes out his brother. Sho finally tags in and begins making a comeback. Nick comes back with a spinning back elbow. Matt now in, but Sho hits him with Rolling Germans. Nick comes in, but Sho Germans both Bucks at the same time! Dominator/Cutter Combo by Roppongi 3K for 2. Matt stops the 3K on Nick, but Roppongi 3K hit Stereo Jumping Knees. Everyone begins hitting superkicks on one another, then Nick counters the 3K with a Tornado DDT on Yoh, but then Sho turns Nick inside out with a Lariat! Matt and Yoh in and both take shots to each other’s injured backs. Bucks hit the Buckle Bomb/Enziguri Combo on Yoh, followed by the Assisted Swanton to the injured back for a close 2. Matt locks Yoh in the Sharpshooter, then Nick takes out Sho outside with an Apron Moonsault! Yoh is able to crawl and reach the ropes. Bucks go for More Bang for Your Buck, but Yoh counters it with a roll-up for a close 2. Yoh with a Half Crab on Matt, but Nick breaks it up. Sho then takes down Nick in his own Half Crab. Nick stops Matt from tapping, then kicks Sho into Yoh to break up the submission. Nick and Sho then begin trading kicks to their opponent’s injured backs. Nick with a superkick, then wipes Sho out outside with a Cancun Tornado! Matt and Yoh trade shots until Matt with a superkick. Bucks hit the Meltzer Driver on Yoh, then Nick with a Sharpshooter on Yoh, who has no choice but to tap.

Winners and NEW IWGP Jr. Tag Team Champions: The Young Bucks by submission (Sharpshooter)

NEVER 6-Man Tag Team Titles, Gauntlet Match: Bullet Club (Bad Luck Fale and The Guerrillas of Destiny (c’s) vs. CHAOS (Tomohiro Ishii, Toru Yano and Trent Baretta) vs. Suzuki-Gun (Zack Sabre Jr., Taichi and Takashi Iizuka) vs. Taguchi Japan (Ryusuke Taguchi, Togi Makabe and Juice Robinson) vs. Michael Elgin and War Machine

Suzuki-Gun and the team of Elgin and War Machine start off the Gauntlet. Suzuki-Gun attacks before the bell. Elgin avoids Suzuki-Gun, hits ZSJ and Taichi with the Samoan/Fallaway Slam combo. Slingshot Splash to Iizuka by Elgin, followed by the Delayed Vertical Suplex. Suzuki-Gun begins taking control on Hanson. Hanson comes back with the Cartwheel Clothesline. Rowe and ZSJ in and ZSJ’s uppercuts have no effect on Rowe, who drops him with a shot. Rowe with Shotgun Knees, but ZSJ with a kick to the arm. Rowe with a Backbreaker/Gutbuster combo, but Taichi in and hits Rowe with a shot. Iizuka avoids a Moonsault by Hanson and ZSJ with a PK. Ace Ten Mao by Rowe to ZSJ, then War Machine hit Thor’s Hammer on Taichi. Suzuki-Gun stops Fallout on ZSJ, Iizuka hits everyone with the Iron Fingers and ZSJ gets Rowe with a Triangle/Heel Hook combo and the ref stops it.

Michael Elgin and War Machine are eliminated.

CHAOS is up next. Suzuki-Gun goes right out after them. Taichi goes to remove the turnbuckle pad, a Yano staple, but can’t do it. Taichi gets 2 on Yano, then removes his pants. Yano avoids the Iron Fingers by Iizuka and low blows Taichi, then rolls him up for the win.

Suzuki-Gun is eliminated.

The Taguchi Japan trio of Ryusuke Taguchi, Juice Robinson and Togi Makabe is out next. Both teams begin brawling, with Juice hitting his jabs on everyone until Yano distracts him with a turnbuckle pad. Makabe cleans house on everyone with clotheslines and right hands. Taguchi in and begins directing traffic. Third Eye left hand by Robinson, followed by a flying hip attack by Taguchi on Yano for 2. Ishii begins making a comeback, but Makabe with a double clothesline to Ishii and Baretta. Juice wipes out Ishii with a slingshot plancha. Taguchi goes for the Buma-Ye, but Yano counters with a roll-up for the win.

Taguchi Japan is eliminated.

Champions are out last. Bullet Club goes right on the attack, with Loa hitting an AA to Baretta on the apron. Fale gets sent into the exposed turnbuckle, Ishii begins making a comeback on Tonga. Fale with an avalanche to Ishii, but Ishii avoids the big splash. Ishii stops the Grenade with a headbutt and hits Fale with a suplex. Baretta in, but Fale stops a double team with a Samoan Drop on Ishii. Tonga in and works over Baretta. Baretta fights back, but Tonga counters a Moonsault with a Gun Stun for a close 2. Baretta counters another Gun Stun with the Dudebuster to win the titles! WOW!

Winners and NEW NEVER 6-Man Tag Champions: CHAOS By pinfall (Dudebuster)

Cody Rhodes w/Brandi Rhodes vs. Kota Ibushi

Chain wrestling early. Both avoid kicks, Cody avoids the Standing Moonsault and flips Ibushi off. Cody goes for the American Nightmare leglock, but Ibushi quickly gets to the ropes. Cody hits the Drop-Down Uppercut, but Ibushi comes back with a rana that sends Cody outside. Ibushi wipes out Cody with a slingshot plancha, but in the process, knocks down Brandi. Ibushi checks on Brandi, but Cody knocks him down, then he and Brandi laugh as it was all a ruse. Cody hits Beautiful Disaster for 2, then begins to take control. Brandi gives Cody a chair and while he ref is with her, Cody nails Ibushi in the back of the neck repeatedly with it. Ibushi avoids another shot and nails Cody with a baseball slide, followed by the Golden Triangle Moonsault! Springboard missile dropkick by Ibushi, followed by rapid-fire strikes and a Standing Moonsault for 2. Brandi grabs Ibushi’s leg on a suplex back in, allowing Cody to hit a hot-shot. They exchange shots on the apron until Cody hits CrossRhodes off the apron to the outside, spiking Ibushi! Ref begins his 20 count and Ibushi just barely makes it back in before the count of 20. Cody can’t believe it! Ibushi can’t even stand up as he is dead-weight when Cody tries to lift him up. They go on the turnbuckles, with Cody hitting a Springboard Super Rana for a close 2. Cody goes for CrossRhodes, but Ibushi counters into a Lawndart into the corner! They trade strikes until Ibushi with a big palm strike and the Golden Star Bomb for a very close 2. Ibushi calls for the Kamagoye, but Cody avoids it and hits a big clothesline for 2. Cody says that Kenny Omega doesn’t love Ibushi like he does, but Ibushi avoids the Beautiful Disaster and hits a Straitjacket German for a close, followed by the Kamagoye. Ibushi then heads up top and hits the Phoenix Splash for the win.

Winner: Kota Ibushi by pinfall (Phoenix Splash)

IWGP Tag Team Titles:Killer Elite Squad Lance Archer and Davey Boy Smith Jr.) (c’s) vs. Los Ingobernables de Japon (EVIL and SANADA)

Archer spent a lot of time early on his entrance spitting and throwing water on the crowd. KES attacks early and hits EVIL with the Killer Bomb, but SANADA breaks up the pin. Archer lays out young lions on the outside as KES works over SANADA. KES then takes control on EVIL. SANADA comes in, but Smith suplexes him outside and then KES continues to beat down young lions outside. Archer then chokeslams EVIL off the apron onto the young lions outside. KES continues to work over SANADA. SANADA finally comes back with an enziguri on Archer, but Archer knocks EVIL off the apron before SANADA can make the tag. Butterfly suplex by Smith on SANADA for 2. Urnangi by Archer for another close 2. SANADA comes back with a rana on Archer and finally tags in EVIL. EVIL begins making a comeback on KES. Big clothesline by EVIL to Archer for a close 2. Archer goes up top with EVIL and hits a SPANISH FLY! WHAT!! SANADA and Smith in, SANADA locks in Skull End, but Archer stops it. SANADA counters out of a chokeslam one time, but not the second as Archer drives him down. Saito by Smith, but EVIL breaks up the pin. Hart Attack by KES on EVIL. KES hits the Killer Bomb on SANADA, but SANADA kicks out! KES can’t believe it! KES goes for another one, but EVIL breaks it up. EVIL blocks another Killer Bomb and hits Everything is EVIL on Archer. EVIL and SANADA then hit the Magic Killer on Smith for a close 2. SANADA then heads up top and hits the Mutasault on Smith to win the titles.

Winners and NEW IWGP Tag Team Champions: EVIL and SANADA by pinfall (Mutasault)

NEVER Title, Hair vs. Hair: Minoru Suzuki (c) vs. Hirooki Goto

Suzuki with a big slap early. Goto responds with one of his own. Both begin trash talking one another. They trade strikes until Suzuki locks in the Choke, but Goto gets free. Suzuki locks back in the Choke in the turnbuckles and Goto goes limp. Ref and the doctor check on Goto to see if he can continue, but Suzuki pulls them off and continues to go to work on Goto. Suzuki drives Goto into the barricade, then nails him with a chair. Ref and doctor again check on Goto, who gets back in. Suzuki continues the attack, kicking disrespectfully at Goto. Goto fights back, but it only makes Suzuki laugh at him with every shot. Suzuki then drops Goto with another big shot. Running Yakuza Kick by Suzuki in the corner, but Goto catches a PK. Suzuki again drops Goto with a big slap. Goto comes back with a corner spinning heel kick and a bulldog, then a Saito for 2. Suzuki stops the Ushigoroshi with a Gulliotine, but Goto fights out. Suzuki goes back to the Choke, then goes for the Gotch Piledriver, but Goto counters out with a backdrop. Suzuki goes right back to the Choke, but Goto counters out into the Ushigoroshi. Suzuki-Gun runs out to interfere, but are stopped. Taichi comes out, but YOSHI-HASHI runs out to stop him. Suzuki with a running dropkick to Goto, then the rapid-fire strikes, one after the other. Choke locked back in, then Goto counters the Gotch Piledriver and hits a big corner clothesline. They fight up top, with Suzuki delivering a big headbutt. Suzuki locks a facelock up top, but Goto counters it into a Super Ushigoroshi for a close 2. Suzuki blocks the GTR and they trade big forearms. Goto with a big headbutt, the inverted GTR and the regular GTR to win the title.

Winner and NEW NEVER Champion: Hirooki Goto by pinfall (GTR)

Suzuki is forced to shave his head afterwards by virtue of the pre-match stipulation, even with Suzuki-Gun trying to prevent him from doing it.

IWGP Jr. Title, Fatal 4-Way: Marty Scrull (c) vs. KUSHIDA vs. Will Ospreay vs. Hiromu Takahashi

Scrull goes outside and lets everyone fight it out early. KUSHIDA and Ospreay go back-and-forth, with Scrull breaking up pin attempts and heading right back outside. Ospreay walks over KUSHIDA’s back and hits a rana on Scrull, then hits a dropkick on KUSHIDA and one on Hiromu. Scrull goes after the fingers of Hiromu, followed by a dropkick and the apron superkick. Double Koppo by KUSHIDA to Scrull and Ospreay, followed by a somersault plancha onto Hiromu outside! Ospreay then climbs up the lighting truss and takes out everyone with a Moonsault! Back in, Ospreay with a running corner hesitation dropkick to KUSHIDA. KUSHIDA then counters the springboard clothesline with an armbar, but Scull with a roll-up on KUSHIDA for 2. Ospreay stops the Chickenwing on Scrull, then KUSHIDA goes for the Hoverboard Lock on Hiromu, but Scrull breaks that up. Scrull with the Just Kidding superkick to KUSHIDA, then everyone hits a big shot on each other. Scrull with a big clothesline to Ospreay, then Hiromu and KUSHIDA nail each other with a double clothesline. All 4 trade strikes,then Scrull counters the OsCutter with the Chickenwing, but KUSHIDA breaks that up with a Moonsault. Hiromu blocks Back To The Future by KUSHIDA and hits a Buckle Belly-to-Belly. Ospreay with Cheeky Nandos to Hiromu, then Scrull does the same to Ospreay. Ospreay goes for a Shooting Star, but Scrull counters it with a Cutter, followed by the Ghostbuster for a close 2. Scrull hits Osreay with his own OsCutter, but Hiromu breaks up the pin. Scrull gets tape from under the ring as he ties up Hiromu’s arm to the barricade, then snaps his finger. Scrull then goes to do the same to Ospreay and KUSHIDA, but they stop him and both break a finger from Scrull. KUSHIDA with a Super Armbar Takedown into an armbar, then switches to a Triangle. Ospreay is able to counter out with a Buckle Bomb. Scrull grabs powder and blinds KUSHIDA, but KUSHIDA hits Scrull with Back to the Future, but Ospreay breaks it up with the Robinson Special kick. Hiromu is back in and catches Ospreay with a German, followed by the Running Sunset Bomb on Ospreay, then one to Scrull. Time Bomb to Scrull, but Scrull kicks out! Scrull goes for the Chickenwing, but Hiromu gets out. Ospreay breaks it up, then trade off superkicks to Hiromu, then to KUSHIDA. Hiromu with a Tombstone to Ospreay for 2. Hiromu with an apron DVD to Scrull, but then KUSHIDA with a Running Sunset Bomb to Hiromu. Ospreay then wipes out everyone with a Running Shooting Star Plancha! Ospreay hits British Airways on Hiromu for a close 2. Hiromu avoids the OsCutter and hits the Time Bomb, but Scrull pulls out the ref before the 3 count. Scrull nails Hiromu and KUSHIDA with the umbrella, but Ospreay avoids a shot and nails Scrull with the OsCutter to regain the title! WOW!

Winner and NEW IWGP Jr. Champion: Will Ospreay by pinfall (OsCutter)

IWGP Intercontinental Title: Hiroshi Tanahashi (c) vs. “Switchblade” Jay White

Chain wrestling early. Tanahashi with a flying forearm sending White outside. White avoids a slingshot plancha and Tanahashi clutches his injured leg. White goes to work on the injured leg. White with a running uppercut and a snap Saito for 2. White continues to work over the injured leg. Tanahashi tries to fight back, but his leg gives out and White goes right back to it. Tanahashi comes back with a Dragon Screw. Tanahashi begins making a comeback, hitting a Russian Leg sweep and the 2nd Rope Flipping Senton for 2. White goes back to the leg, but Tanahashi with a Dragon Screw in the ropes. Tanahashi heads up top and hits the High Fly Flow Crossbody outside, taking out White! White stops a Slingblade with a chop, followed by a Deadlift German and a Brainbuster across the apron. White with knees and chops in the corner while talking trash. Tanahashi with a big slap to White, but White with a Buckle Suplex, another Snap Saito and a Death Valley Driver for a close 2. Tanahashi avoids a missile dropkick and hits another Dragon Screw. Tanahashi hits Twist and Shout, then a Super Twist and Shout from the turnbuckles. More big slaps from Tanahashi, but White with a German. Tanahashi responds with two Slingblades for a close 2. Tanaahshi hits the High Fly Flow Crossbody, but White avoids the High Fly Flow! White with a Crucifix into hitting 12-6 Elbow Strikes, followed by the Kiwi Crusher for a close 2. White goes for the Blade Runner, but Tanahashi counters into the Dragon for a close 2. Tanahashi back up top and slaps White again, then hits a High Fly Flow Crossbody to the back of White. Tanahashi then hits the High Fly Flow to retain the title.

Winner and STILL IWGP Intercontinental Champion: Hiroshi Tanahashi by pinfall (High Fly Flow)

IWGP US Title, No Disqualification: Kenny Omega (c) vs. Chris Jericho

Jericho comes out to his Fozzy song, “Judas”, but is doing his WWE entrance with the pyro and light-up jacket. Jericho attacks Omega before the bell and they have to be pulled apart. They slug it out as the bell sounds. Omega with a running boot and unloads with shots. Jericho pulls the ref in Omega’s path and is able to take advantage. Jericho counters a rana and locks in the Walls of Jericho, but Omega gets in the ropes. Jericho doesn’t break because of the No DQ stipulation until Omega kicks him off. Jericho sent outside, but he stops a baseball slide. Omega then hits one, sending Jericho over the barricade and by the announce table. Omega goes for a springboard dive, but Jericho moves and Omega goes crashing through the announce table! Jericho locks Omega in the Walls of Jericho, then shoves down the referee, then locks the referee’s son in the Walls of Jericho, until Omega finally breaks it up. Omega sends Jericho into the debris, then hits him with a chair and a monitor. Jericho then throws a table at Omega. Omega slams Jericho, places the table on Jericho, then climbs up the truss and double stomps the table onto Jericho! Jericho blocks a suplex and suplexes Omega on the floor. Both men get back in by the count of 20. Omega goes to springboard, but Jericho drills him in mid-air with a Triangle Dropkick, sending Omega crashing hard back into the ring. Jericho grabs a table and goes for a powerbomb, but Omega stops it, but Jericho powerbombs him on the floor. Jericho throws chairs into the ring, then grabs a camera and takes selfies with it, but Omega fights back. Jericho with a flying back elbow back in for 2. Jericho wedges a chair into the corner and works over Omega. Missile dropkick by Jericho for 2. Omega fights back, but Jericho hits the Lionsault for a close 2. Omega comes back with a rana, then clotheslines Jericho outside. Omega then wipes out Jericho with the Rise of the Terminator Dive. Omega hits the Kotaro Crusher for 2. Omega hits Aoi Shoudou, but Jericho stops the V Trigger and goes for the Walls, but Omega counters with a roll-up for 2. Omega with a standing V Trigger, but Jericho counters the Snap Dragon and locks back in the Walls of Jericho. Omega pulls off some of the apron skirts and sprays the cold spray in the eyes of Jericho to break the hold. Jericho then sends Omega face-first into the wedged chair in the corner. Omega sent again into the chair multiple times, the final time bending the chair. Jericho taunts the crowd as we see that Omega is busted open. Omega fights back, but Jericho with a back elbow. Jericho with more shots to the open wound, but Omega fights back some more. Omega with another V-Trigger and a snap Dragon. Jericho stops another Dragon, but Omega with a spinning heel kick to the back of the head. Jericho gets out of the One Winged Angel, gets hot with another Snap Dragon, but then breaks a chair over Omega’s head! Jericho grabs another chair and rains down shots across Omega’s back, then a shot to the back of the neck. Jericho heads up top with the chair, but Omega kicks the chair back into Jericho’s face, then hits a V Trigger sending Jericho off the ropes and crashing through the table outside! More V Triggers by Omega back in the ring, then a Jay Driller for a close 2. Another V Trigger by Omega, but Jericho counters the One Winged Angel into the Walls of Jericho. Omega tries to reach the ropes, but Jericho switches it into the Liontamer. Omega is somehow able to make the ropes. Omega blocks the Codebreaker and hits two more V Trigger, followed by the One Winged Angel, but Jericho grabs the ropes before the 3 count. Omega heads up top, but Jericho crotches him. Jericho goes for a super rana, but Omega counters with a hot-shot onto the turnbuckles. Another V Trigger, then the You Can’t Escape Finlay Roll, but Jericho avoids the Moonsault and hits the Codebreaker, but Omega kicks out! Jericho yells at Omega to stay down, but Omega counters the Lionsault with a shot to the back with the chair, then hits the One Winged Angel onto the chair to retain the title! WOW!

Winner and STILL IWGP US Champion: Kenny Omega by pinfall (One Winged Angel)

IWGP Title: Kazuchika Okada (c) vs. Tetsuya Naito

NOTE: Due to a power outage, wasn’t able to see the match to recap. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Okada retained the title by pinfall with the Rainmaker.

Winner and STILL IWGP Champion: Kazuchika Okada by pinfall (Rainmaker)

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