Vince Russo’s The Brand Recap – Defining ‘Mark’, Asking His Father for WWE Advice, Russo Transitioning to Insurance Salesman? More!

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Russo welcomes his 87-year old father to the show to ask him for some advice concerning his inability to enjoy RAW and Smackdown lately.

Russo mentions that RAW and Smackdown has been nearly unwatchable lately, and ‘marks’ are the only people watching. Before proceeding, Russo wants to ensure that his father knows the correct definition of ‘mark’. His father thinks that a mark is defined as someone who is easily fooled, and Russo says that’s pretty close. Russo adds that a mark is someone who will defend something even if it’s terrible.

Russo asks his father for some advice, because he’s not sure he can continue to watch RAW and Smackdown, even though it’s part of his job. His father tells him that he has to suck it up and watch the shows because it’s part of his job. It affects Russo’s business negatively if he doesn’t watch the shows and cover them, so his father thinks he just has to man up and do the work.

If Russo can’t accept that his business requires him to watch and talk about wrestling, then he needs to consider getting out of the business and find another way to make money according to his father.

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