Jinder Mahal mentioned on Instagram after his WWE Championship loss to AJ Styles last month that dropping the title had nothing to do with violating the WWE Wellness Policy or because of an injury.

Mahal wrote, “To my haters and wrestling “insiders”, this was NOT an experiment, I am NOT injured, I have NOT violated the wellness policy. So keep throwing shade my way, it only motivates me.”

It appears that Mahal wasn’t being truthful about being injured. Often times when a top WWE Superstar is injured, they will continue to work and downplay the injury so that they don’t lose their main event spot in the company.

According to Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer, Mahal recently revealed in a video that he did tear his labrum in his right shoulder back in September. Mahal was able to continue to work WWE events by cutting down on the amount of weight he could use, although he said he’s okay now.

Meltzer pointed out that Mahal’s body looks different today from when he first won the WWE Championship Title and before the decision was made to push him as a top talent for the SmackDown Live brand.

Steve Carrier

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