The Taz Show Recap – Clash of Champions Analysis, Main Event Delivers, Does WWE Have a New Suplex Machine? More!

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Taz opens today’s show speaking about last night’s Clash of Champions PPV.

Speaking about the Triple Threat match for the United States Championship, Taz says he’s happy for Dolph Ziggler but he was very surprised by this finish. Ziggler would have been his last pick to win this match because he wouldn’t have had any issue with Baron Corbin retaining and he really thought it was time for Bobby Roode to win a Title.

Taz says it’s time for WWE to change up some of the production elements of their programming. He constantly notices that WWE’s production hasn’t really evolved in years, and their entire show – from the announcers to the way things are scripted – is in need of a change.

He says that he loves what guys like The Young Bucks are doing right now. They’re innovative, creative and different and he’s guilty of not watching enough of their content. He thinks WWE has a roster of talented individuals who are capable of doing the same thing but they’re afraid to try anything new because they don’t want to get heat backstage.

Taz liked the Tag Team Championship match and he thought all eight men did a good job. He admits that there were a couple of great false finishes towards the end of this match that had him hooked, and he really thought that Aiden English and Rusev were going to win the Titles at one point.

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