Taz opens today’s show speaking about last night’s Clash of Champions PPV.

Speaking about the Triple Threat match for the United States Championship, Taz says he’s happy for Dolph Ziggler but he was very surprised by this finish. Ziggler would have been his last pick to win this match because he wouldn’t have had any issue with Baron Corbin retaining and he really thought it was time for Bobby Roode to win a Title.

Taz says it’s time for WWE to change up some of the production elements of their programming. He constantly notices that WWE’s production hasn’t really evolved in years, and their entire show – from the announcers to the way things are scripted – is in need of a change.


He says that he loves what guys like The Young Bucks are doing right now. They’re innovative, creative and different and he’s guilty of not watching enough of their content. He thinks WWE has a roster of talented individuals who are capable of doing the same thing but they’re afraid to try anything new because they don’t want to get heat backstage.

Taz liked the Tag Team Championship match and he thought all eight men did a good job. He admits that there were a couple of great false finishes towards the end of this match that had him hooked, and he really thought that Aiden English and Rusev were going to win the Titles at one point.

Taz says he’s really happy for English right now, who was stuck in WWE’s no-man’s land for a while. English and Rusev have developed some unlikely chemistry, and the fans appear to be getting behind the ‘Rusev Day’ gimmick.

Taz was very impressed by Chad Gable’s suplexes in this match, even though some of them looked quite dangerous. He says he can’t knock Gable for that because he made a career out of delivering suplexes that looked dangerous. Someone on Twitter dubbed Gable “WWE’s new Suplex Machine” but Taz wasn’t as quick to give Gable that title. He points out that he puts over young talent basically every day on this show so that’s not an issue, he just thinks talents need to earn those types of titles.

He says that something really needs to happen for Gable and Benjamin right now. He wouldn’t break them up necessarily, but he thinks that there needs to be a major storyline revolving around these two men moving forward. Throwing them in a tag team Championship match doesn’t really do anything for them when their characters haven’t really been developed yet.

Taz says he’s never really been a fan of Lumberjack matches, and last night’s match reinforced those thoughts. He likes the Riott Squad and he wishes that WWE would have kept them separate from the rest of the women on Smackdown for a while longer. He also thinks it’s very clunky that WWE is basically using the same storyline on both RAW and Smackdown, where we’re seeing the rise of a women’s faction.

Just as Taz expected, having two referees in the same match certainly took away from the in-ring action during the tag team match between Owens/Zayn and Nakaumra/Orton. He admits that he thought the finish was quite creative and he likes the way that was booked, but he thought they could have done everything the same with one of the referees working on the outside of the ring.

Taz thought Jinder Mahal and A.J. Styles had a great match last night, and he had no issue with Mahal tapping out to lose this match. He points out that ultra-violent, old school heels can lose their heat by tapping out, but Mahal is a different type of heel and tapping out doesn’t hurt him.

He was particularly impressed by A.J. Styles’ performance in this match. Styles knew he was going to win, so he went all out to ensure that he got Mahal over in the process and Taz says that’s a very old school approach to the business. Taz is a huge fan of Styles but he also says that he loves Mahal as a heel Champion.

That sums up today’s episode of The Taz Show. You can listen to the show yourself anytime here, and I’ll catch ya tomorrow for another recap!

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