X-Pac opens today’s show speaking about WWE’s suspension of Rich Swann amidst domestic violence allegations. He hopes that the reports aren’t true because if they are this is a terribly tragic situation for many reasons. He recalls WWE suspending Kevin Nash for a similar set of circumstances right before his Hall of Fame induction a couple of years ago, so there’s no denying that WWE is steadfast when it comes to their zero tolerance policy regarding domestic violence.

X-Pac thought the recent interaction between Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega in Japan did wonders in building hype towards their match at WrestleKingdom 12. He wonders if we’ll see a rematch between these two when NJPW visits the United States in the new year.

He points out that Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss made history last week by wrestling a match in India. The women have been doing incredible things over the last couple of years and they continue to break down barriers. Being the first two women to wrestle in India must have been an amazing feeling for those two women.

X-Pac welcomes Konnan to the show.


Konnan mentions that he’s currently working with a new promotion called “Aro Lucha” and they just held their first show last weekend which turned out to be a great success. He knew there was a market for touring Lucha wrestling shows after the success of Lucha Underground.

People constantly say that nobody watches Lucha Underground with the viewership averaging around the 100,000 mark, but Konnan travels all around the world and everyone knows Lucha Undergroud. He points out that people watch programming differently now, viewing on YouTube and other websites instead of television.

Konnan says he’s a huge fan of storytelling in professional wrestling but sometimes people just want to watch guys go out to the ring and do the most athletic things possible to keep them on the edge of their seats the entire night.

Konnan talks about Rey Mysterio losing his mask in WCW many years ago. He points out that people in Mexico were not happy about that back in the day and there are some people who still hold that against Mysterio to this day. In the United States football is the premier sport followed by baseball, basketball, and so on. In Mexico the premier sport is Soccer followed by wrestling, so people really take their wrestling to heart there.

Konnan mentions that La Parka is a bully who will take advantage of you in the ring if you’re not careful. He recalls La Parka hitting Hector Garza with a dangerous chair shot and that got him a lot of heat with the boys backstage. He says that La Parka must have a lot of hate inside of him to consistently act that way.

Konnan mentions that the women in Mexico really beat the life out of new girls when they come into a promotion. He recalls Sexy Starr getting the crap beaten out of her when she first started in wrestling and X-Pac agrees, saying the Sexy Starr/Rosemary stuff from a few months ago didn’t shock him because that’s the way he remembers things in Mexico.

Konnan says you can have a locker room of 50 guys and 5 girls, and the 5 girls will be harder to deal with due to jealousy and drama. The same thing can be said for WWE’s locker room in X-Pac’s opinion.

Konnan didn’t think he’d ever return to TNA/Impact again after he left on terrible terms the first time. After leaving he sued the company for racial discrimination and they dragged the lawsuit through court for two years before Konnan finally won. Jeff Jarrett was one of the people he sued in the lawsuit and that’s why he was very shocked to get a call from Jarrett about returning to the company over a year ago.

He informs that when he sat down with Jarrett to discuss the return he couldn’t be more surprised with how easy Jarrett was to deal with. All their past dealings were treated as water under the bridge, and his return to TNA was a very good experience.

He informs that Impact initially brought him in to be a mouthpiece for Bobby Lashley but he didn’t think that Lashley needed a mouthpiece so he suggested that he reform LAX instead. The company agreed and he went about finding some new talent to add to the group.

Konnan informs that he tried to get The Young Buck signed in Lucha Underground at one point but the Head of Talent Relations there offered them $200, which they didn’t appreciate. They responded by saying they’d need $1,500 each and there’d be no negotiations. Konnan loved that response from the Bucks and he’s happy for them that they can demand those prices.

That sums up this week’s episode of X-Pac 1, 2, 360. You can listen to the show yourself anytime here, and I’ll catch ya next week for another recap!

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