Lillian Garcia welcomes Paige to the show.

Paige informs that growing up in a wrestling family wasn’t a lot of fun for her. Wrestling wasn’t really cool back then and she was picked on quite frequently in high school. She didn’t have a lot of friends back then and she struggled in school because of this. She began travelling as a working wrestler at 14-years old and she felt like she was already grown up at that very young age.

Around this same time her mother disappeared for a period of time. Her mother works very hard and struggled with several issues, and one day it all just became too much for her. They eventually found her staying alone with their dog, and she was a completely different person from that day on. Paige admits that it took her a while to forgive her mom, but after finding herself in some sticky situations lately she began to understand how a person can just ‘shut off’ and run away.

Paige admits that she has a lot of trust issues, especially with men, and she hadn’t ever really fully committed to a relationship except for her last relationship with Alberto Del Rio. For this reason, the last few months after their separation have been very tough for her and she’s not quite ready to dive into another relationship at this point.

She informs that she’s been labeled a porn star in public as recently as a few days ago, and the release of her sex tape really affected her in a negative way. She barricaded herself in her home after that tape came out and she started to drink heavily. She even contemplated suicide at that point because she was very depressed. She stopped eating, sleeping and all of her hair even fell out due to the stress she was under at that point.

She’s thrilled to say that she was able to get through that time, and she urges girls around the world to be very careful when making decisions regarding their personal life. She was only 19-20 years old at that time and she regrets her actions during that time. She also adds that she’s still very good friends with Xavier Woods, and she felt terrible for him when that tape was released as well.

Paige mentions that WWE has been fantastic throughout the last year or so, and they’ve helped her tremendously. She feels like she should have been fired multiple times by now, but she’s very thankful that they’ve stood beside her, even through her struggles with drug abuse.

She specifically mentions that former WWE Diva, Rosa Mendes, Mark Carrano and Stephanie McMahon were all very supportive of her and helped her through those tough times. She cut everyone off during her darkest days and her best friend, Alicia Fox understood entirely, quickly responding to Paige when she finally returned her calls.

Paige notes that the locker room was great upon her return to WWE, but there’s still some internal competition there and she could sense that some talents were questioning why she’s been brought back in a main event position given the things she’s done over the past year. She points out that she’s working in WWE because that’s her job, not to make friends, and she’s determined to make the most of this run.

She informs that she has been diagnosed with scoliosis, and her body is quite banged up at just 25 years old. She tries not to worry about her long-term health and she says that she’ll deal with that when the time comes. She’s actually feeling great right now for the most part, and she felt great after WWE threw her right back into the fire in a 20-minute match against Sasha Banks on RAW last week.

Paige admits to being very nervous before her return to WWE, specifically before her lengthy RAW match last week. She was pacing around the backstage area for most of the day and she couldn’t calm herself down. Luckily all her friends were there to console her and once she got into the ring everything was fine.

Speaking about her current relationship with Alberto Del Rio, Paige says that she doesn’t hate Del Rio in any way, shape or form. Her and Del Rio simply decided to end their relationship because they both had things to accomplish in their personal lives, and they knew they’d be better off apart.

Paige informs that she had a cyst on her ovary a few years ago and had to have surgery to get it removed. She was actually cleared to return to the ring the day of the initial NXT PPV, the same night that she defeated Emma to win the NXT Women’s Championship. Doctors are currently telling her that she more than likely will be unable to have children which makes her sad, but she’s still holding out hope that things can change in the future.

That sums up this week’s episode of Chasing Glory. You can listen to the show yourself anytime here, and I’ll catch ya next week for another recap!

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