Talk is Jericho Recap w/ Jimmy Jacobs – Working with Vince McMahon, Developing the List of Jericho, Bullet Club Selfies & WWE Release, More!

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Jericho welcomes former WWE writer, Jimmy Jacobs to the show.

Jacobs informs that he started writing for WWE in April of 2015. Jericho returned to WWE in 2016 and the two men met for the first time, even though Jericho had heard a lot about Jacobs from his time working on the indie scene. Jericho asks him how he started working for WWE.

Jacobs says he was knocking on WWE’s door for a long time, and he actually worked as an enhancement talent in WWE when he was 21, wrestling a match with Eddie Guerrero. He says that Guerrero was so nice to him that day, thanking him in advance for what he was doing to help get Guerrero over that night. Jacobs says that Guerrero was a main event talent at that time who treated him, a 21 year old enhancement guy, as an equal and he’ll never forget that.

A few years later he was brought into WWE to tryout as a Manager, as Vince McMahon was apparently focused on finding some new Managers for certain talents on the roster at that time. He cut a great promo in his tryout and several backstage officials told him he did a great job and there was a good chance he’d be hired.

He showed up at the Smackdown taping the next day and it was as if the prior day didn’t exist, and he didn’t exist either. He assumes that Vince McMahon changed his mind regarding hiring talent as Managers and just as quickly as those positions became available, they were taken away.

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