X-Pac informs that he’s just recently home from a tour of Australia. He worked a tag team match with Austin Aries one night which was a lot of fun, and on another night he worked a 6-man tag team match featuring Joey Ryan which was great as well.

X-Pac mentions that Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks are planning to self-finance a wrestling show in 2018 where they intend to sell out a 10,000 seat arena. He thinks this is an incredible story and although lots of people talk a big talk in the wrestling business, those people rarely put up their own money to make something happen. He credits these men for trying something new.

He says that they’d be smart to have this event in a Northeast town, perhaps New York or Chicago. He also doesn’t think they should consider holding this event during WrestleMania weekend in WWE’s host city. He thinks they’d be better off doing this as a separate event where they can make it a huge deal and if they do, he doesn’t think they’ll have an issue selling a whole lot of tickets.


Cody Rhodes has gone on record saying that he’d love to wrestle Daniel Bryan on this show, perhaps in the main event. Bryan’s WWE contract is up within the next year and this match then becomes a legitimate possibility. If they were able to make that match happen, they’d have no issue selling out a 10,000 seat arena.

X-Pac was sad to see Drew McIntyre get injured during the NXT Championship match at Takeover: War Games. McIntyre tore his bicep while holding onto the rope during the finish of the match and will apparently be out for months. X-Pac mentions that he actually suffered a small bicep tear doing the exact same thing during the first match of his recent Australian tour.

X-Pac welcomes Flash Morgan Webster to the show.

Flash informs that he started wrestling in 2009, and X-Pac thinks he’s improved consistently over those years. He competed at PWG this past summer and X-Pac was very impressed with his match. Flash thanks X-Pac and says he was very nervous for that bout because the PWG shows are a big deal.

William Regal was present for that match and approached Flash after it was over. Regal told him that the fans actually love him, and that’s a hard thing to accomplish especially when they don’t know you as a performer. That was a big vote of confidence for him.

Flash mentions that the world of professional wrestling has been painted grey, with truly defined babyfaces and heels slowly becoming a thing of the past. He thinks that today’s business basically just presents characters in varying situations, and the bad guy in one situation might become the good guy in another. X-Pac agrees with that point, and says that he doesn’t believe there’s any need for defined heels and babyfaces anymore.

Flash tends to think that the injury he suffered in a match against Zach Sabre Jr. may have resulted in him missing an opportunity to begin working for WWE. He was out 10 months with that injury and missed the entire UK Tournament, which he thinks he may have been considered for. Since returning from injury he has had several WWE tryouts, but WWE doesn’t really know what they’re doing with the UK division right now so everything is somewhat up in the air at the moment.

Flash points out that he’s been a wrestling fan his entire life and everyone who gets into the wrestling business eventually hopes to work for WWE. However, he thinks he has built his brand to a point where he could go to Japan and work now, so not working for WWE isn’t the end of the world for him at this point.

Flash thinks that if you’re getting into the wrestling business for the money, you’re doing it for all the wrong reasons. He adds that you need to have a love and a passion for the business and if you do, the money will eventually find you.

X-Pac asks Flash who he’d compare himself to in terms of wrestling legends. Flash says that he’d love to think that people see a little bit of Eddie Guerrero in him, but that’s a very tough question and he really has no idea.

He mentions that a documentary crew covered the match with Sabre Jr. when he got hurt as well as the subsequent injury and recovery, so he encourages everyone to check that out. He also has a podcast entitled ‘Wrestling Friends’ that you can check out as well.

That sums up today’s episode of X-Pac 1, 2, 360. You can listen to the show yourself anytime here, and I’ll catch ya next week for another recap!

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