The Steve Austin Show Unleashed Recap – Why Wrestlers Should Never Pander to the Audience, KOTR ’97 vs Shawn Michaels, Origins of ‘DTA’ Catchphrase, More!

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Austin opens today’s show by informing that he feels great these days. He doesn’t take painkillers because he simply doesn’t need them, and other than an occasional ache he’s basically pain free.

A listener writes into the show and asks Austin why he dislikes when wrestlers pander to the crowd during matches. Austin points out that the goal for wrestlers is to entertain the audience, but they should be entertaining the audiences with the physical story in the ring. He adds that talents who are over never pander to the crowd, because by pandering to the crowd you’re basically begging for a reaction or for attention.

Another listener writes into the show and asks Austin if he’s concerned about the ongoing studies surrounding professional wrestling and brain trauma. Austin says he doesn’t really think about that at all and he’s not worried about it because he always protected himself by getting his hands up while taking chair shots during his career.

He admits that he was probably concussed when Owen Hart dropped him on his head with a Piledriver, but other than that he can’t recall any other times being concussed. He knows that accidents happen, but he also mentions that if you suffered a lot of concussions working as a professional wrestler you were probably doing things wrong.

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