The Ross Report Recap w/ Santana Garrett & Jerry Lawler – Mae Young Classic, Rock Vs. Hogan at WM 18, Ditching Production Meetings, More!

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Ross welcomes Santana Garrett to the show.

Garrett informs that she had a terrific time participating in the Mae Young Classic. Ross mentions that he was very impressed by her in that tournament and he had a great time calling the action in that tournament as well. He showed up to that booking in Orlando prepared to treat it like just another gig, but after speaking to all the women individually and seeing how much passion they all had, he knew he was a part of something important and he became enthralled in the action.

He congratulates Garrett on her rise through the indie ranks as of late, but he warns her to take care of her money because taxes never stop and eventually your wrestling career will. Garrett mentions that she’s taking care of her money and luckily she has another income to fall back on. She studied sleep medicine and works in that field, but she admits that she has focused a lot more of her time on wrestling recently.

Garrett mentions that things have come a long way on the indies in terms of booking possibilities as well as financial payoffs. She recalls working for experience early on in her career and she’d be paid pickles – literally, she was paid a jar of pickles. Nowadays, she’s grateful to be earning more than that and she never takes that for granted.

Ross points out that if anyone is interested in booking Santana you can reach her at [email protected]

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