Lawler is joined on today’s show by his co-host Glenn Moore.

Moore points out that today is Lawler’s birthday. Lawler thanks him for the birthday greetings and informs that although he’s turning 68-years old he still feels great and will continue to wrestle as long as he can. He mentions that he’s beginning to feel some pain in his knees now when he climbs stairs, but he doesn’t really notice it when he’s wrestling.

He attributes that knee pain to leaping off of the second rope to drop an elbow in all of his matches and he never wore kneepads once, so he assumes that’s one thing that’s catching up to him now. Moore mentions that Lawler has never worked out a day in his life and eats whatever he pleases. Lawler confirms that and says that in a professional wrestling business filled with bodybuilders and people who’re watching what they eat, he must have just been lucky because he’s been able to have a 46-year career.


Lawler informs that he was at the WrestleCade event last weekend and he saw plenty of his old wrestling buddies there. During the autograph session in the afternoon Mick Foley was on his right and Honky Tonk Man was on his left. Honky Tonk Man is actually Lawler’s cousin and some people believe the two men have heat but Lawler says that’s not the case at all, they just rarely see each other.

Lawler mentions that David McLane, the founder of the original GLOW series, approached him at WrestleCade and had a lengthy conversation with him. McLane said that Lawler really influenced him early on when he was developing GLOW, and he’s actually in the process of starting up another all-women’s wrestling show.

Lawler informs that he’s been receiving a lot of messages regarding the new Netflix documentary, ‘Jim & Andy’. He was so legitimately pissed off with Jim Carrey during the making of this film that he “…wanted to beat his face in” at several points. Lawler says he would have loved for their issues to result in a physical dispute, and it very nearly did on several occasions.

Lawler thinks Carrey was trying to replicate Kaufman’s entire experience with Lawler, and he wanted Lawler to Piledrive him but Lawler refused because he knew Carrey was going to milk it and go to the hospital just like Kaufman did years before. When Lawler refused, Carrey spit in his face during the wrestling scene and this infuriated Lawler, causing him to grab Carrey in a rear chin lock.

Carrey took this opportunity to sell his neck and wound up going to hospital after that incident. Lawler doesn’t think Carrey was actually hurt in this instance, he simply used that as an excuse to reenact Kaufman’s trip to the hospital years earlier where he returned wearing a neck brace.

Lawler informs that years after they filmed Man on the Moon, he received a letter from Carrey. Apparently Carrey had been given Lawler’s ring outfit from the filming and he thought Lawler was responsible for sending that to him. In reality, Lawler had no idea what happened to that outfit after the filming. Nonetheless, Carrey was very thankful and sent Lawler some records from his record collection in return.

It was a personalized letter that Carrey signed and Lawler thought that was a nice gesture. Carrey then invited Lawler to be his personal guest to a sporting event if Lawler ever visits Los Angeles.

Lawler thinks Carrey’s portrayal of Kaufman in this film really changed him as a person. Before this film, Lawler thinks Carrey was exactly as we saw him in films like Ace Ventura and The Mask. After this film, he became much more philosophical and is almost a recluse at this stage in his life. Moore agrees, pointing out that Carrey informed in ‘Jim & Andy’ that he struggled to drop the Kaufman character after Man on the Moon finished filming.

That sums up today’s episode of Dinner With the King. You can listen to the show yourself anytime here, and I’ll catch ya next week for another recap!

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