Steve Austin Show Recap w/ Ken Anderson – Working in WWE & Release, Opening A Wrestling School, Substance Abuse Issues, More!


Austin welcomes Ken Anderson to the show.

Anderson informs that he was trained by two men who never made it to WWE, but luckily they understood the psychology of the business and Anderson was able to pick up on that side of the business very early on. He and some of the other trainees were also able to work as enhancement talent for WWE from time to time and that was a huge break for him. He recalls Austin being very kind to him when he’d show up at a WWE show for an enhancement role.

December 6th will mark the first anniversary of the opening of his own wrestling school, which he co-owns with Shawn Daivari. He mentions that this school is a big deal for him and he’s taking great pride in helping usher the new wave of wrestling talent into the business.

His goal is not only to train wrestlers, but to give people a chance to break into the business in any variety of roles. He recalls training one person who put in a tremendous amount of effort but simply couldn’t figure out the art of in-ring wrestling. The person decided to try his hand at refereeing instead, and he ultimately became a terrific referee who’s now getting booked at indie shows every weekend.

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