Talk is Jericho Recap w/ Chavo Guerrero – Behind the Scenes of GLOW, Training Actresses to Wrestle, Jericho Auditioning for the Show, More!

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Jericho is joined on today’s show by Kimmy Gatewood and Rebecca Johnson of Netflix’s GLOW. He’s also joined by the stunt coordinator and wrestling trainer for the show, Chavo Guerrero.

Guerrero informs that his uncle was the wrestling trainer on the original GLOW series in the 1980’s, so his role on Netflix’s revival of the series was almost meant to be. He became interested in getting involved in this project after a friend of his passed along an ad to him, calling for a trainer/stunt coordinator for an upcoming Netflix series focusing on women’s wrestling. He followed up on the ad and this resulted in him getting the job.

Gatewood and Johnson inform that they are stand up comedians who decided to audition for their roles on GLOW together. The roles they auditioned for were portrayed by two stand up comedians in the original series too, so much like Guerrero, they thought their involvement in the series was meant to be as well.

Jericho asks them if they thought the in-ring work on the show would be handled by stunt women. They both admit to being surprised when they found out that they had to learn how to wrestle in order to film the wrestling scenes themselves, but they looked at it as a challenge. They inform that Guerrero was a terrific trainer who held their hand through the training every step of the way.

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