Chasing Glory Recap w/ Brie Bella – Daniel Bryan’s Return to the Ring, Bella Comeback in 2018, Becoming A Mother, More!

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Lillian Garcia is joined on today’s show by Brie Bella.

Garcia asks Brie how her husband, Daniel Bryan reacted to being offered the role of GM for Smackdown Live. Bella informs that receiving that offer was bittersweet for him when he got the phone call from WWE. His number one love in life was taken away when he was told he wouldn’t be able to wrestle anymore and although he was very appreciative of WWE’s offer, he knew it was going to be tough having to be surrounded by it all the time without being able to perform.

Ultimately, Bella informs that Bryan’s happy being back to work in WWE, around all his friends and fellow performers. She informs that Bryan is indeed attempting to make an in-ring return right now, and he has been flying himself all around the country to get tested by different doctors. She adds that most doctors tell him he’s perfectly fine to wrestle, but he’s just waiting on WWE doctors to approve him.

Brie believes that WWE doctors are considering conferencing with the other doctors that have approved Bryan, and that’s why he has so much hope right now that he might be able to return to the ring soon. Both Bryan and her understand that WWE has a lot of legal restrictions holding them back, and the last thing they want to do is put an injured performer back in the ring.

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