As seen on WWE programming this week, Paige returned to RAW alongside Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose while Ruby Riot, Sarah Logan, and Liv Morgan made their main roster debuts on SmackDown Live. Both had very similar debuts as they both attacked other women from the brands on the show and it may turn out that one individual could be behind both attacks.

Bryan Alvarez mentioned in the latest installment of The Bryan and Vinny Show that he heard there was an idea pitched that would reveal Paige was behind the beatdown on both shows.

“I don’t know if this is going to happen but I heard that one of the ideas they had was that it would come out that Paige was behind both invasions,” Bryan said. “How they would do that, I have no idea because there’s a RAW brand and a SmackDown brand [and] it doesn’t make any sense if they’re not doing the interbrand stuff except during Survivor Series. It would make sense for [the angle] to be exactly the same if Paige were behind it.”

Steve Carrier

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