While speaking to The Independent, Triple H provided an update on the planned weekly UK television show and mentioned that “it takes time” but he would love for it to happen soon.

“Pete and all of those UK guys are very talented. Putting together a product of a television show and live events in the UK and doing what we do takes time. I would love for this to have happened quicker and sooner but we are where we are. We’re still in that process but we’re using those guys here and there and they are still doing their other bookings as well as working with us. As we move forward, I’m hoping something more definitive for them will be coming soon and we’ll certainly be letting everyone know. They are all very talent kids and a bunch of them are at the Performance Center now, training and constantly working with us as we try to improve them so that, when the opportunity comes, we are ready to go.”

As previously reported, WWE was originally planning to have the weekly show kick off earlier this year but plans got pushed back. The new timeline for the television show is early next year.

Steve Carrier

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