E&C’s Pod of Awesomeness Recap – Christian Botches A Promo, Mount Rushmores of Wrestling, Shane McMahon Vs. Kurt Angle at Mania? More!

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Christian opens today’s show recalling a time he botched a promo while on live television. He was supposed to say a specific word which would lead to Mick Foley’s music being hit but he couldn’t remember that word. He began sweating and even turned to Edge for assistance but rather than help him, Edge gave him nothing and almost started laughing at him.

Eventually WWE Producers must have realized that his promo was way off track because they hit Foley’s music, and when Foley came out he even called Christian out for forgetting his line. The next day Christian saw Vince McMahon in the back and McMahon told him he did a great job the night before. McMahon said that screwing up a promo is the kiss of death for a babyface, but as a heel it doesn’t matter.

Edge and Christian both agree that it was cool to see the Hart/Flair dynamic played out in a WWE ring again last Tuesday night on Smackdown Live. Both Charlotte and Natalya worked hard and it was emotional watching Charlotte pick up the win in her hometown, followed by her father, Ric, returning to WWE programming to surprise her.

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