The Taz Show Recap – Owens & Orton Feud on Twitter, War Games, Remembering Eddie Guerrero, More!

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Block 1:

Taz opens today’s show speaking about the Twitter interaction between Randy Orton and Kevin Owens this past weekend. Both men took turns taking shots at each other and Taz thought it was very entertaining, regardless of it was a work or a shoot. He says that with WWE’s current product, it’s really hard to tell whether this was a real beef between the two men, but either way it was fun.

He also points out that with Orton and Owens both working on the Smackdown Live brand, they might end up working with each other in the coming months. When that time comes, this Twitter interaction will certainly come into play in order to heighten the apparent friction between both men.

Taz says he watched the initial War Games match over the weekend, and he was so impressed by the match. Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard got heat on Dusty Rhodes for an extended period of time to start the match, and that set up the rest of the match. Road Warrior Animal made his entrance and the building exploded.

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