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Taz opens today’s show speaking about the Twitter interaction between Randy Orton and Kevin Owens this past weekend. Both men took turns taking shots at each other and Taz thought it was very entertaining, regardless of it was a work or a shoot. He says that with WWE’s current product, it’s really hard to tell whether this was a real beef between the two men, but either way it was fun.

He also points out that with Orton and Owens both working on the Smackdown Live brand, they might end up working with each other in the coming months. When that time comes, this Twitter interaction will certainly come into play in order to heighten the apparent friction between both men.

Taz says he watched the initial War Games match over the weekend, and he was so impressed by the match. Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard got heat on Dusty Rhodes for an extended period of time to start the match, and that set up the rest of the match. Road Warrior Animal made his entrance and the building exploded.


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He says that the issue with today’s product is he’s not sure if NXT has any heels who are on the level that Arn and Tully were back then. In addition, he’s not sure that NXT has any babyfaces who can garner the sympathy that Dusty Rhodes did during the original match. Taz says that Rhodes was one of the best ever at talking people into the buildings and making people care about him.

Due to both of these points, Taz warns fans that the upcoming War Games match is going to be quite different than the original. He mentions that the business has changed quite a bit since the original War Games match, and the performers have changed as well. It’s safe to say that today’s talents are better athletes and take better card of themselves, but the talents back in the day were so over with the audience that they could do anything and the audience would lose their minds.

Taz also points out that some of the NXT talents competing in the upcoming War Games match on Friday night are somewhat young. The Authors of Pain are both in their early-mid 20’s, but he’s a big fan of both of those guys. They have tremendous size and their youth just gives them more years to develop into future Superstars. Taz thinks these two guys will be millionaires someday if they stay focused and hungry.

He goes on to say that there’s a big difference now versus back in the 80’s and 90’s in terms of social media and how they guys/girls can market themselves. He thinks it’s vital in today’s social environment that professional wrestlers interact with fans in a respectful fashion online, because those fans are the people that pay your bills.

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He also says that the in-ring style of professional wrestling has changed significantly as well. Back in the day there were always several performers on each promotion’s roster that lacked a high level of athleticism or in-ring skills. Fast forward to today, and performers have to be good in the ring or they simply won’t last.

Taz speaks about Eddie Guerrero on the 12th anniversary of Guerrero’s death. He says he worked several tag matches with Guerrero back in the day, and Guerrero was actually his partner when he injured his neck taking a piledriver many years ago. Guerrero saved the match that night due to his ability to think and react on the fly.

He says that Guerrero’s matches were incredibly easy to call as a commentator, and working against him in singles matches was a breeze as well. He mentions that Guerrero loved the business of professional wrestling so much and he loved his family and friends even more. He misses Guerrero every single day.

That sums up today’s episode of The Taz Show. You can listen to the show yourself anytime here, and I’ll catch ya tomorrow for another recap!

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