Jack Swagger spoke with the Arm Drag Takedown Podcast. Here are some highlights from the interview:

How wrestlers cope with their artistic temperaments: “I like to think of pro wrestling as an art, so we’re artists. Most artists I know put their love and heart into these things, and to repeatedly have that swept away or get crushed, it gets a little much to deal with.”

What he hopes to gain from his new career on the indies: “There are so many styles out there I haven’t gotten to wrestle against or experience. I really want to take it all in and take the rollercoaster ride on a little journey and develop a pro wrestling character that can’t be stopped.”

Cody Rhodes being his chief inspiration for his departure: “He has a very good brain for this business – he always has – and he really knew his game plan and what he wanted to do. He executed it very well.”


Facing Jeff Cobb at Clash At The Cow Palace: “Everyone I know says Jeff Cobb is the strongest person in the ring and the way he throws them around…I’ve got Jeff Cobb in the back of my mind,” he concluded. “I’m really going to have to step my game up and see what this suplex party is all about.”

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