The Ross Report Recap w/ Magnum T.A. & Jason Powell – Bound For Glory Analysis, Gail Kim’s Retirement, PED Use in Wrestling, More!

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Ross welcomes Jason Powell from to the show.

Powell calls Impact’s Bound For Glory PPV a ‘colossal failure’ for the deteriorating company. He says that this show, highlighted by the dirty finish in the main event, left a terrible taste in his mouth and it reminded him of a lot of the issues the company has always had. This was a chance for Impact to tell their fans that there were still some things to look forward to from this company, but they failed to deliver.

Ross says the phrase ‘lazy booking’ comes to mind when he thinks of Alberto Del Rio’s interference in the main event. There’s no denying that all the talents worked hard and Ross doesn’t mean to insult them, but the show failed to ever really climax since there were so many matches dependant on gimmicks and spot-fests.

Powell couldn’t agree more, and says he doesn’t understand what’s so hard about delivering a straight-forward main event match with a clean finish. He thought Impact had a great year creatively in 2016 with the old creative team, but they’ve definitely taken a giant leap backwards creatively after their recent employee shuffle.

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