Ross welcomes Jason Powell from to the show.

Powell calls Impact’s Bound For Glory PPV a ‘colossal failure’ for the deteriorating company. He says that this show, highlighted by the dirty finish in the main event, left a terrible taste in his mouth and it reminded him of a lot of the issues the company has always had. This was a chance for Impact to tell their fans that there were still some things to look forward to from this company, but they failed to deliver.

Ross says the phrase ‘lazy booking’ comes to mind when he thinks of Alberto Del Rio’s interference in the main event. There’s no denying that all the talents worked hard and Ross doesn’t mean to insult them, but the show failed to ever really climax since there were so many matches dependant on gimmicks and spot-fests.


Powell couldn’t agree more, and says he doesn’t understand what’s so hard about delivering a straight-forward main event match with a clean finish. He thought Impact had a great year creatively in 2016 with the old creative team, but they’ve definitely taken a giant leap backwards creatively after their recent employee shuffle.

Ross was dissapointed in the Monsters Ball match as he thought the match was too long and he thought Grado acted too ‘goofy’. He has the upmost respect for any competitors who roll around on tacks and assault each other with a plethora of weapons, but this match simply didn’t pan out in his opinion.

Ross says he likes the LAX act, and he thought those guys had a good match at Bound For Glory. Powell agrees and says that LAX is probably the coolest act Impact has right now. He adds that he was hesitant to get behind this group when Jeff Jarrett returned to Impact and brought back the stable, but there’s no doubt that the company found the right guys for the group and it has really taken off.

Ross says Gail Kim is a credit to the business, and he was very happy to see that Impact made the right creative decision by having her win the Knockouts Title in her final match. He does wish that the match would have had more time but it’s obvious that the show was running long, resulting in them having to cut this match and the post-match celebration significantly.

Overall, Ross didn’t have as negative a reaction to the show as Powell did, but he definitely didn’t love it either. Powell just really wants Impact to get their act together creatively. He also thinks they have their Title on the right guy, Eli Drake, but he thinks they need to work on making Drake more unique and special.

Ross welcomes Magnum T.A. to the show.

Magnum says it was amazing to watch his stepdaughter, Tessa Blanchard, perform so admirably in the Mae Young Classic. He thought she had a terrific showing during that match and he was so happy to see her put everything together for that bout. Ross says that she has all the tools to become a huge star in the business and the only thing that can stop her is herself.

Ross asks Magnum what he believes led to all of his success in the wrestling business years ago. Magnum says that he thinks people could live vicariously through him as a competitive, fiery babyface. He was a big guy, but was still smaller than some of the big heels during that time so he could garner sympathy from the fans in that aspect as well.

Ross asks him if he ever spoke with Vince McMahon about working with WWE during the prime of his career. Magnum says that conversation never took place back in the day. He did work a PPV show for McMahon and WWE about 10 years ago and McMahon pulled him aside backstage and said, “We could have made a lot of money together”.

A listener writes into the show and asks if PEDs were readily available back during Magnum’s heyday. Ross says they were certainly available and Magnum agrees, saying that every performer had to make a choice as to how heavily they dipped their toes into that. Magnum informs that he had a short run where he overdid it, but after receiving some great advice from Bruiser Brody he found a happy medium at around 240lbs.

Speaking about the Bullet Club and the recent Twitter beef between Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega, Magnum says it’s easy to tell that those guys are all having fun right now. When he was touring around the country years ago he was having fun, and those guys remind him of the fun he used to have.

That sums up this week’s episode of The Ross Report. You can listen to the show yourself anytime here, and I’ll catch ya next week for another recap!

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