Maria Kanellis took to Facebook to open an open letter to the haters on social media that try to bring her and her husband Mike down. Here is what she wrote:

Hello Lovelies, and an open letter to hateful people,

I am writing you today not out of some frivolous need but out of real necessity. I am a pregnant woman and I realized that even though I find being pregnant empowering, many people find it gross, a disability, or not sexy. People on Instagram make comments like, I don’t want to see that or you will never come back to the WWE. Which I try to delete. But, it is hard. Let me repeat, Pregnancy is HARD. Not because I am sick or hungry or tired (which I am sometimes) but because people make you feel powerless. Like, now all I am is a incubator for this tiny human. And I am supposed to be Happy about my new title. Which I’m happy to be pregnant and I can’t wait to meet this little one that is starting to kick me and get the hiccups, (adorably) BUT, that is not my only title. I am someone more that a waiting room. I fight to be more everyday, I fought even before I was pregnant. I waited to start a family because I wanted to be more, give more, and inspire more. I am a small town girl that had a big dream to make it in the entertainment world. And in some ways I did and then I lost everything, my job, my house, and my direction. Until I found my husband. Mike has drive and a willingness to do the work without EVER getting the accolades he deserves. He has wrestled for 16 years and has worked towards one dream to come to WWE. What he brought with him into WWE, other than his incredible talent, was an addiction, a demon, which he has fought and will continue to fight to to overcome. He almost lost everything.

Jobber. Jobber is the word “they” use to describe us on blogs, websites, and even comments on our own social media pages. I have a question for you, “Do you think you are clever?” Do you think we have no heart, no soul, no emotions, do you think this is easy? We fought to get to WWE and by the time we got there Mike had an addiction and in July I got pregnant. Is it a blessing that we are having a little one? YES! But, easy? NO. This is our dream job!! WWE is our dream company to work for! We are doing our best and if that is not enough, then look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself… Have I worked for anything for over 10 years, lost everything and then fought back? If not, then don’t comment and don’t try to teach me anything. Because we have. We continue to. I am pregnant, not powerless and I plan, God willing, to come back. I will be bringing the Milk Money. Now, chill, and enjoy the show because we don’t quit, we don’t give up, we just DO IT ANYWAYS. #poweroflove #fromnothingtosomething #19weekspregnancythoughts #alieninvasion

Steve Carrier

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