There appears to be a couple of inaccurate reports regarding the situation with Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn being sent home after Tuesday’s SmackDown Live tapings.

Dave Meltzer mentioned on the F4WOnline message board that reports of Owens being mad on the tour bus after the tapings are not true because he’s not even on the bus after the tapings. Additionally, Meltzer mentioned that this situation has nothing to do with the departures of Neville or Jimmy Jacobs.

Here is an excerpt of what Meltzer wrote:

“There’s a lot of untrue info.


For one, the story of Owens being mad on the tour bus after the tapings isn’t accurate. He was not even on the bus after the tapings.

The finish of the match was exactly as it was supposed to be. The post-match is a story that is being told different ways depending on how you hear it but that is the point of contention.

But that is the thing, any other stories are not accurate as it pertains to them being sent home.

None of this has to do with Neville, Jimmy Jacobs, etc.”

When asked about Owens & Zayn being brought back to television next week, Metlzer mentioned that it’s all up to Vince.

“It’s all up to Vince. He’s he guy who suspended Titus for 90 days for nothing. Trying to predict his reactions are a waste of time because they are often contradictory and make no sense. Neither is looking to leave.”

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