Following his WWE Championship Title victory over Jinder Mahal on Tuesday’s episode of SmackDown Live, WWE caught up with AJ Styles and asked him what’s going through his head.

“I’m a two time WWE Champion, that’s all I can think about,” said Styles. “Those people and how much they cared what was happening in that match based on the guy that they love. I don’t think it’s because of what everyone thinks it is. I think it’s because I am one of them. I’m not the strongest. I’m not the biggest. I’m the guy that would do anything and everything to bring their child to an event like this. Scrape up the money, so that their kid could have a great time. I’m one of them. The only difference is, when I step into a WWE ring, there ain’t no body like me.”

When asked about about the WWE Championship changing hands for the first time overseas and the WWE Championship changing time for the first time in nearly 15 years on SmackDown, Styles responded, “Well, I have a question for you. Who was the last man, to do that 15 years ago?”

The interviewer responded, “Brock Lesnar.”

“Brock and I, we have a lot of similarities, don’t we?,” said Styles. “Only once huge difference. I’m the SmackDown champion and he’s not. “

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