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Taz opens today’s show speaking about last night’s episode of Monday Night RAW. He thought last night’s show was good and he enjoyed it.

He thought the main event Tag Team Championship match between The Shield and Sheamus/Cesaro was great. He had no issue with The New Day’s interference or Kurt Angle storming the ring with the RAW Superstars, but he wonders why The New Day’s entrance music played.

He points out that since The New Day are Smackdown Live Superstars, in order to have their full entrance music and lighting at a RAW show they must have attacked the people in the production truck or something along those lines. Taz admits that this was a small detail, but it really bothered him.

Taz also thinks that instead of having The New Day interfere in the main event match it should have been Smackdown Live Tag Team Champions, The Usos. Nonetheless, he thinks Sheamus/Cesaro and The Usos will probably have a great match, and The Shield will most certainly move on to face The New Day at Survivor Series.

Taz comments on the news that Impact Wrestling is paying fans to attend live television tapings in Ottawa this week. He thinks it’s very sad and disappointing that the company has fallen this far. He says they still have the talent to get this thing back on the rails but it’s just not working right now.

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A listener calls into the show and says that he was live in attendance for Impact’s Bound for Glory PPV over the weekend. He says that event was sold out and it was a terrific show, so he was surprised to hear that they were having to pay people to attend this week’s television tapings.

Getting back into his thoughts about last night’s RAW, Taz says the guitar on a pole match sucked. He loves Elias and he thought the opening promo before the match was very entertaining, but the match itself wasn’t good. Elias climbed up and grabbed the guitar rather quickly which was anticlimactic, and the match simply fell flat as a whole.

He goes on to say that Jason Jordan is not a good babyface, and his inclusion on the Monday Night RAW Survivor Series team feels out of place. However, if his inclusion on this team results in him eventually turning heel then Taz will be fine with it.

Taz points out that things will be changing with this show over the next several months but he can’t talk about that just yet. Some fans continue to point out that this show would be a great addition to the WWE Network, where Taz would break down WWE content on their own Network. Taz says that WWE doesn’t like when people are critical of their product, and he’s completely honest when he breaks down WWE’s shows each week so that’ll probably never work.

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Taz welcomes Mike Johnson from PWInsider to the show.

Johnson mentions that Impact is preparing to pay people $12.50/hour to attend this week’s television tapings in Ottawa. He points out that they’re looking for 75 people to fill seats and at that rate, that adds up to roughly $20,000 in total. Johnson says that maybe they should have just sold the ringside tickets and made the other seats free, and then they could have spent that $20,000 on bringing in more of their contracted talent for these tapings.

Johnson says that he was very dissapointed with the screwjob finish that concluded the Bound For Glory PPV. He feels that Impact really needed to reward the audience that has stuck by them over the last couple of years by giving them a good main event with a real finish.

Instead, Alberto Del Rio interfered and he believes this finish was a slap in the face to their fans. As a fan who spent $40 to watch the show, Johnson was very dissapointed, and Taz says that issues like this are the reason he didn’t buy the show in the first place.

Johnson also informs that Smackdown Live talent, The New Day, are working RAW live events for the next couple of weeks. Apparently WWE is determined to further the New Day/ Shield storyline as we move closer to Survivor Series, and having New Day work RAW live events is an easy way to make that happen.

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Taz says it was great to see Pete Dunne make his main roster debut on RAW last night. He loves Dunne’s work and he thinks Dunne has a tremendous amount of upside. In any event, Taz says he was surprised to see Dunne pick up the victory in his match against Enzo Amore because this match really did nothing to help WWE’s Cruiserweight Champion.

He says that this was a big victory for Dunne, and he hopes this leads to WWE further developing the UK division. He thinks there’s a tremendous amount of money to be made with that division and with someone like Dunne as your Champion, you’re off to a running start.

That sums up today’s episode of The Taz Show. You can listen to the show yourself anytime here, and I’ll catch ya tomorrow for another recap!

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